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On January 20, 2021, President Biden took office and began carrying out different actions in just the first few weeks of his presidency.

Opinions spark as new leadership takes office

Andrew Goozen, staff writer
March 12, 2021

This past fall, the United States had one of the most anticipated presidential elections ever. It was a close race as former Vice President Joe Biden beat...

After the storming of the Capitol on January 6th, Trump has been charged with one article of impeachment – incitement of insurrection.

How does the community feel about Trump’s impeachment trials?

Taylor Langford-Wilson, Staff Writer
February 16, 2021

On December 18, 2019, a trial started. A trial for the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump, being charged with two articles of impeachment...

The holidays should be a time of thankfulness and spending time with loved ones.

How to handle politics during the holidays

Andrew Tanner, Staff Writer
January 20, 2021

The upcoming holiday season for most people includes visions of  giving gifts, making memories with friends, eating good food, and spending time with...

Skeptics of the election results have flocked to Stop the Steal Facebook groups by the thousands.

An election to remember or an election to forget?

Ali Juell, Co-Editor-in-Chief
December 14, 2020

Election season brings an unending flurry of emotions. There are inevitable highs and lows with every batch of polls and slip-ups that cover the front...

Student responses collected from the poll can be noted above, displaying the various political leanings of 39 respondents.

GBHS and the Political Poll

Aiden Sherman, staff writer
November 18, 2020

As politics becomes more divisive, Granite Bay High School is confronted with the question: What do we believe politically? In the spirit of answering...

Meet the 2020 RJUHSD board candidates

Alexandra Felt and Julietta Golovey
October 28, 2020

Editor's Note: The remainder of the RJUHSD board candidate profiles are still in progress and will be updated shortly. Please refer to Voters Edge as we...

The polls are one way people stay informed with the predictions of the upcoming election.

Paying attention to the polls

JJ Huish, Staff Writer
October 21, 2020

Every election year, people in America are paying attention to the polls. The polls are what show which candidates are the most popular and which ones...

Some students and faculty will vote via a mail-in ballot for the election on November 3rd.

Mail-in voting raises concern

Alexandra Felt, Staff Writer
September 28, 2020

With the election approaching in November, many are worried that postal backlog might lead to disenfranchisement in some cases as all states will see an...

The White House, a symbol of non-partisanship, is in danger of becoming an accessory to future campaigns.

Commentary: The White House shouldn’t be the back drop of political campaigning

Ali Juell, Senior Editor
September 27, 2020

As we begin to enter fall, now is when the presidential candidates need to watch their footing very carefully to claim the Oval Office.  One wrong...

As election season begins, many Americans are being urged to vote.

Commentary: It’s time to vote

Maggie Delaney, Staff Writer
September 21, 2020

Election season is upon us. For Granite Bay High students, this is the first presidential election we are truly paying attention to. For a few of the...

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