Opinion: Class of 2024 struggles to put the pep in their step

Yellow is pretty loud. Red and orange are also pretty loud, but when it comes to blue you’ll hear almost nothing in that student section. Being a part of the class of 2024 has given me a difficult view of what my high school experience should be like. This year the juniors have been struggling with having school spirit. The class started the year out with no president or vice president and only a handful of juniors in student government representing our class, while all other classes had a good majority of students in student government. 

It’s frustrating trying to get a really good experience in high school when we have to beg to get any spirit out of our class or help with homecoming floats. It gets discouraging enough that I want to quit trying and just face the fact that my class just wont engage. I attended the beginning of one of our float building days this year and left early because there weren’t a whole lot of people and I felt useless being there. 

I was the class of 2024 president in sophomore year, and believe me, it was upsetting many times. Trying to find people in my grade who would participate in events or games was harder than actually preparing the event. That goes to show what the viewpoint of our class is, being that we just don’t care about spirit or participation. 

Stepping up when nobody else would and running for president was a fun experience. I was glad to be helping the junior class in some way but at times it felt as though only a few people and myself really even cared about making the experience for our class a memorable one. 

As of now our class is a super memorable one, but not in a good way. People in other classes and even teachers know the class of 2024 as being low-spirited and never cooperating. No matter who I talked to or what I did, finding people to step up was hard even most of the time I had to go out of my way to find student volunteers for rallies and games. 

When I didn’t run last year for junior class president, we ended up not having anyone step up, causing us to have no one leading the class. We already are struggling with getting materials for events being held and volunteers to help out our class. Good thing we have Mr. Dolan and Mrs. Milburn, who stepped up to be our class advisors and to support our class. They help us out and haven’t given up on us, especially when I bet they wanted to. 

Coming into high school I had such high hopes. I was ready to participate in spirit days and go to sports games with high energy. I understood that in freshman year we were the underdog because we were the youngest, but now that we’re juniors and about to be seniors, I am both shocked  and discouraged in our lack of commitment to events. It makes me wonder if senior year will really even be any different; I have hopes every year, but every year we fall short of the commitment to school spirit. 

Maybe one day the class of 2024 can redeem themselves and prove to everyone we are the superior class, but for now I’ll just keep doing my part until the last day of senior year.