New vending machines dispensed across GBHS


Cole Massaro

New vending machines will be arriving at GBHS in the coming months.

GBHS will be receiving new vending machines to hold school breakfasts and lunches in the coming months. Supplied by Vend-ucation, the vending machines are being installed to cut down the length of the lunch lines.

The food will be restocked from the school cafeteria. Students will be able to enter their school id number and receive one free lunch option of their choosing, similar to the lunch lines. Also similar to the lunch lines, students can choose to purchase an extra lunch as long as they have the necessary amount of money in their accounts. Students will not be able to insert cash to receive an additional lunch. The lunch vending machine storage units have already been built. These vending machines are expected to arrive sometime this month, however, this date is continuously changing. 

 “Cool thing about it is you can get breakfast … full fledged meals, some of them will be refrigerated, some of them will be hot. So there’ll be climate control on so that’ll be really good,” John Pichon, GBHS’s Assistant Principal, said.

This means that every single vending machine on campus that supplies these meals will be able to serve most if not all meals that are offered in the cafeteria.

The vending machines will be located near the drama building, the cafeteria, and the Breezeway by the 800’s wing

Then the people (will) come in to pick the food up. The food would need to be picked up daily,” Pichon said. 

The lunch/breakfast in the vending machines will continuously be stocked, and restocked every single day to ensure that the food is safe to eat.

Whether or not these vending machines will be useful or not remains in question. What is known is that the lunch lines get very long very quickly, and students could be waiting for a good chunk of lunch before getting any food.

“Last thing you want to do is wait forever for food,” Pichon said.