New clubs at GBHS

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  • Senior Noah Lemay, President of the D&D club, oversees club members, helping others and organizing groups. “Pretty much anybody can find something that they enjoy about D&D, that’s one of the great things about it,” Lemay said.

  • Member of the D&D club and avid D&D player sophomore James Chin discusses the ropes of the game with fellow member Aidan Belle in the first meeting of the year. “It’s a lot of fun,” Chin said. “I enjoy roleplaying so much, and all the creativity that you can employ.”

  • Members of the Chess Club Ruhi Scoggin and Andrew White (left to right) face each other in a chess match among several other dueling members. The Chess Club has matches in every meeting, allowing those in the club to develop their proficiency in the game. “After school, there’s not too many activities,” Scoggin said. “Staying here and playing chess or learning chess or whatever you’re doing and just listening to music, it’s really fun.”

  • Members Ethan Shohet and Ethan Timoce face each other in a chess match while Stefan Ostrovsky oversees the game and furthers his knowledge in playing. “It’s really fun improving a lot,” Shohet said. “If you have anyone in here that you know and you can play against, or if you just want to meet new people and play against them, that’s an awesome opportunity.”

  • President Blake Taylor and several members of the K-pop club go over a dance routine, laughing and enjoying the learning experience. “I want to create an environment in which people can have fun learning choreography while listening to music that, at least in the U.S., is out of the norm,” Taylor said.

  • President of the UNITE! club sophomore Soraya Johnson discusses which objects go in which bags with fellow sophomore Elyse Houlihan as donations are prepared to be sorted into hundreds of kits for the homeless. “It’s a pretty relaxed environment,” Johnson said. “We’re just all giving what we can and giving what we’re able to, and having fun while doing it.”

  • Members of the UNITE! club freshmen Yassi Johnson and Iman Tahir begin moving the finished kits into the garage, where they will be ready to be dropped off at nearby homeless shelters. “It’s a fun, welcoming environment,” Johnson said. “My favorite part … is that our club is a resource to people so that they can contribute to society.”

  • President of the Eunoia club Swara Karke sits with members Jia Pakhale and Amee Van and work on their club discussion during a meeting, conversing with fellow members at the same time. When asked about who should join the club, Karke said, “Anyone who wants to help better their community and who loves doing community service.”

  • Seniors Oliva Matthews and Denali Lascaux, both presidents of the High School Democrats Club, converse with Mr. Dell’ Orto, their supervisor, after a successful meeting. The club has unbiased discussions, and is accepting of any members who wish to join. “It’s open to anyone who’s willing to learn more about politics, current events…to educate themselves and maybe learn more politically about what’s going on in our climate,” Matthews said.

  • Madi Tsuchida, Lance Tsuchida, Ali Zaidi, Sophia Nokelby (from left to right) and Ethan Griffin (not pictured), receiving information about Rotary, an international service organization that provides the base for Interact. “It has a lot of support … the principal is also helping us out,” Tsuchida said. “And it’s also worldwide so a lot of people know about the club and we have a lot of backup.”

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