Music Review: Dawn FM


The Weeknd’s album cover of Dawn FM in which it shows how he has aged significantly


        With his most recent album, Dawn FM, The Weeknd, his real name being Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, breaks the mold of his music, which is frequently characterized by his melodic, rhythmic, and romantic lyrics.

        Dawn FM was solely produced by XO and Republic Records and was dropped on January 7th, 2022. The album features narration from Jim Carrey, guest vocals from Tyler the Creator, Lil Wayne, and some new appearances from Quincy Jones and Josh Safdie. 

        Tesfaye is without a doubt not a nostalgia act; rather, he gets better with each new album. This compromises the album’s fluidity, and it will undoubtedly appeal to listeners looking for something new from Tesfaye’s usual genre he uses in his melodic songs. Many people would describe some of his music as sad or darkening such as his albums like “Trilogy” or “After Hours”, while a lot of his other music contains more of a groovy and inciting mood like “Starboy”. The radio-style approach however, disrupts the flow, which reduces the likelihood that Dawn FM will offer a consistent musical experience to some listeners.

          The album starts off with the preview song, “Dawn FM” which is a fantastic way to introduce a new project. The song builds up almost immediately, letting the audience believe something great is coming within this album. When I first listened to this song it was quite a shock to find out that one of my favorite comedians, Jim Carrey, was the narrator for an album so great. Nonetheless the ending for this song was definitely a favorite of mine and it shows the beginning of an album so intriguing.

         The first song that i absolutely love is “Take My Breath”. This song is such a hit. This tune is definitely one of the best singles he has published on Dawn FM due to its fluidity and consistency. It’s most definitely bop, this song is one of the few songs I have added on multiple playlists. “Take My Breath” has this melancholy and synth dance-pop approach that will certainly captivate the many listeners. 

        One of my favorite songs by far from Dawn FM would have to be “Out Of Time”. I replayed this song so much, almost everyday I would put this song on no matter what I was doing, and at this point it’s been engraved in my head. Although this song does have a sad backstory to it, Tesfaye manages to make the feeling more relaxing and chill. It just has this catchy and lyrical tune that gradually pulls you in. This song is definitely one of Tesfaye’s best songs on this album. 

        Another great song that was published is “Is There Someone Else”. This song is definitely on the same bar as the song ‘Out Of Time’. Wonderful production, outstanding singing, and, in my opinion, the best in and out transition on the entire album. From beginning to end, this song is perfect. Well-built in every way imaginable.

        “Less Than Zero” is absolutely amazing. When I initially listened to this song, I was already aware that it was a standout and possibly the finest song on the album. The 80s feel, the synth, the bass, and the vocal all perfectly capture the essence of this song. It’s one of his best songs ever. Exactly captures the sense of wanderlust you experience on those depressing days when all you want to do is gaze out the window at something. I highly recommend this song.

         The last song that I absolutely love is “Phantom Regret By Jim”. this is a masterpiece. In my opinion it is the best interlude on the album by far. Jim sings the three-minute song, which he also wrote, in a soothing and introspective manner while touching on universal feelings. Tesfaye quietly sings in the background as Carrey speaks, and the song’s ominous electronic music carries their vocals all the way to the end. Definitely a favorite of mine.                 

Favorite Tracks: Out Of Time, Is There Someone Else, Less Than Zero, Phantom Regret By Jim