Music Album Review: Under Pressure by Logic


While Under Pressure may be the debut album of Maryland emcee Logic, don’t call him a newcomer. Having steadily built a loyal following with his clever lyrics and catchy beats, all while imploring deep meaning into each song he produces.

Logic’s meteoric rise to fame has been well documented by many. On the verge of releasing his fourth mixtape, Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever, Logic was named a XXL Freshman of the Year and was signed by Def Jam Recordings, cementing his place among the best up and coming rappers.

Now that Logic released his debut album, there is nothing stopping his ascension. Some of the most clever and meaningful lyrics I have ever heard, coupled with catchy beats adds up to complete one of the best complete albums I have ever heard.

While most artists open up with an instrumental, Logic dives straight in, using his intro to show his true love for music. “I’m not defined by sales my first week, in my mind I only fail if my verse weak.”

Instead of rapping about all the money, cars and women like most stereotypical “artists”, he raps about his passion for music, his wish to more recognized, his bouts with drug addiction, his family’s battle with drug addiction and all of the other chronicles of hardship that have shaped who he is. This is a style that’s refreshing to see, and one that he doesn’t stray from, showing his versatility as an artist.

The time and effort put into each verse, each line and each rhyme is so meticulous and it shows.

After he released his last mixtape, Logic announced his partnership with No I.D., a prominent producer who has notably worked with J. Cole. The partnership has shown it’s flourished by the quality of the beats throughout the album.

My personal favorite amongst all the beats on the album happens to occur on my favorite song in Under Pressure, the title track on the album. The first three minutes of this song may be some of the most clever raps and rhymes I have ever listened too.

The latter six minutes of the song are all responses and apologies to his family and friends, creating a touching inner look into some of the tribulations he’s faced throughout his life.

Another personal favorite of mine is Till The End, his ending track on Under Pressure. This is a type of beat that’s different from most in the tracks in terms of tone. Logic uses the song to show his appreciation for his fans, but also he also uses it summarize all the inner workings to his life, which he reveals intricately throughout the course of the album.