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Music Album Review: Four by One Direction


One Direction has once again delivered a number one album. The album, titled Four, climbed the charts to number one in 67 countries.

They are one of the few bands to ever have all of their albums debut at number one.

After four years of success, the band is breaking boy band stereotypes of lasting only a few years.

Four, much like their other albums, has a strong pop and rock sound. The upbeat songs are catchy and easy to sing along to.

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This new album has a more mature, developed sound than their other albums, Up All Night, Take Me Home and Midnight Memories.

One Directions vocals are solid throughout, although Zayn Malik’s voice shines past the others. His ability to reach higher notes greatly enhances the band’s sound.

Like their other three albums, One Direction do not having any collaborations on this album, but did work with artists like The 1975.

The first single released was “Steal My Girl,” which I thought was good, but overall not the strongest song on the album.

Four generally alternates between love ballads and pop songs with heavy rock undertones.

Some of the best ballads on the album were “Fool’s Gold” and “Night Changes.”

“Girl Almighty” is purely pop and one of the best songs on the album. While lacking in lyrical significance, “Girl Almighty” is easy to sing along to is extremely catchy.

While there are many good songs on the album, some of One Direction’s ballads fall short. “Spaces,” for example, quickly becomes boring and repetitive, and I will often times find myself skipping past “Spaces” when it comes on shuffle.

The purchase of the deluxe version of the album is not worth it. While the songs are decent, none of them stand out.

“Change Your Ticket,” a deluxe song, sounds too much like The 1975’s “Girls” to be ignored. It is both lacking creatively and in terms of lyrics.

While “Act My Age” is a catchy pop song, it’s obviously less mature than the rest of the album, making it stand out negatively.

The deluxe version decreased the value of Four as a whole.

“Stockholm Syndrome” and “Clouds” are easily the best songs on the album. “Clouds” slides further towards the rock side of album, which makes it unique and enjoyable to listen to.

The other, “Stockholm Syndrome” is less intense than “Clouds” and is just as good. It is one of the more creative songs on the album.

“Ready to Run” is also a good song, but seems more fitting for their previous album Midnight Memory than it does for Four.

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Music Album Review: Four by One Direction