“Milburn’s Show” and the impact it really has


Photo by Arianna Howard

Deserie Milburn, the dance teacher at Granite Bay High School, holds a biannual dance show that includes the 4 dance classes available. It is an event that students and peers don’t want to miss.  The show is filled with such breathtaking choreography and special performances that make the crowd go wild. The 3 most recent shows this year were sold out in 2 days and can only be explained as exceptional. There were multiple students that were inspired to join next semester’s dance class just from seeing this year’s show.

Niki Khodai, a competitive dancer as a freshman, has been dancing since a very young age and seeing the dance show inspired her to try out for the Dance 2 class in the upcoming semester. 

“The dance was really entertaining to watch, and all the choreography (and costumes were) so cute.” says Khodai. 

Another freshman Ava Marmiran, also a competitive dancer, says her opinion towards dance classes have been altered after seeing Milburn’s show.

“I’ve had experience with dance since I was two, but after seeing the show I wanted to give myself a challenge.” She will also be joining dance two after being inspired by the show and its dancers. 

Gabriella Tinker, a freshman who doesn’t personally have dance experience has also been recently inspired. She thinks it would be a new opportunity for her to try something like this, and their skills aren’t the only reason she was compelled to join.

“I think that dancing would be a good skill to carry on later on in life.”

Hearing this from many different opinions on the dance show this year and maybe what it brought to the table for different students whether they were in the dance show or not, it’s clear that each and every year Milburn’s Show has an impact on many at GBHS.