Meet Content Creator: Kaden Bishop

A content creator and an entrepreneur, Kaden Bishop is a 19-year-old GBHS alum and current Loyola Marymount University student has found success within months in LA.

Ever since Bishop was young he has always had a strong interest and passion for music and all things fashion which he covers now for his career.

“[I remember] his walls were lined with records and his whole shoe collection was to the side [of his room]… and I could just tell this is something he wants to pursue” said his cousin Ethan Shohet on growing up with Bishop.

Bishop moved to LA in late August of this year. The endless opportunities to interact with musicians and fashion designers Southern California has to offer is what influenced him to move to LA.

“When I got here I was just ecstatic to be in a new environment where I could be me and thrive as the person I want to be,” Bishop said.

Since moving to LA, Bishop has become the reporter for Cookies N’ Kicks, a LA based shoe store company that has amassed a whopping 2.2 million followers on TikTok. Bishop’s interviews vary from asking if people on USC’s “frat row” will drink out of a $1,000 shoe to asking people what’s on their mind at 12 a.m.

LA apparently is small enough for two GBHS alumnus to find one another. During Bishop’s 30 minute interview-turned-conversation with Dot Com Nirvan, a GBHS alum who is a music video producer for rappers like Yeat and Trippie Redd, they discussed growing up in Granite Bay off air and how living in this environment helped both of them realize they want to be something bigger—escape the “Granite Bay bubble.”

“Ms.McKeen, Ms.Peeples and Mr.Patterson helped me develop in my early years and pushed me to grow into the person I want,” said Bishop. By escaping the “Granite Bay bubble” Kaden was able to become the person he wanted to despite the social pressures of the environment around him. “

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  • At Kendra Bishop’s work, Kaden sells snacks.

  • In middle school, Bishop ran for treasurer.

  • Kaden Bishop poses with a friend at a meet.

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Some of Bishop’s current projects include creating content with Bankroll Hayden, a rapper based in LA, getting hired to lead a program design team for his Loyola Marymount University that will run a financial literacy program for thousands of students, and soon launching a jewelry and fashion brand that he created—to his family his success is no surprise.

“I always knew and still know Kaden will change this world for the better,” said his mom Kendra Bishop.

When he was only seven years old he started his first business selling homemade bread and went on to create many more small businesses including a snack business in which he hired his sister Kennedy as his first employee and then went on to resell clothes, shoes, day trade and show others how to trade.

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve been driven to just create a path for myself and there’s always just been this internal force that has kept me pushing” said Kaden Bishop.

His mom, Kendra Bishop has always been Kaden’s biggest supporter and his biggest inspiration through it all.

“She’s one of the smartest, kindest people I’ve ever got to interact with and I hope to one day be even a tenth of how great she is,” said Kaden Bishop.

“I am always amazed at him, his innovation, his ability to connect with all sorts of different people and his passion to always create and evolve,” said Kendra Bishop.