Live Coverage: Spray paint graffiti appears in school parking lot


Bradyn Kesti

More phrases like “Stop Killing us” and more were further along the wall as well.

The asphalt in Granite Bay High School’s parking lot, as well as the concrete block walls shared with a housing development at the end of the main parking lot and the Grizzly bear statue were vandalized sometime Saturday, Nov. 9 or early Sunday, Nov. 10.

Using spray paint, the unknown perpetrators wrote many things on the topics of racism, the transgender community, and offensive language referring to the police with slang like, “F*** 12”.

“We know that whoever was spray painting was here from Saturday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 3 in the morning,” assistant principal Jennifer Buschmann said.

The back walls of the GBHS parking lot were covered with images and words like “Smash Racism” and more graffiti showing a dead face and a swastika. There were also two other images referring to transgender rights and “being watched.”

Remigio Hernandez, a GBHS custodian, said some of the writing on the walls was removed over the weekend before students and staff returned to school after the three-day Veteran’s Day holiday.

In addition to the spray paint on the walls, there were many other messages written on the parking lot asphalt, including “F*** Cops” and “BLM.” 

Towards the end of the parking lot was a spray-painted children’s toy and another message that said “Weed”. 

The grizzly bear at the front of the school was also vandalized. On the side of the bear statue’s base was another message that said “Silence = Death.”

“Obviously when the school gets vandalized, it’s not great,” assistant principal Jessup McGregor said, “but we do get a lot less vandalism compared to other schools.”

McGregor and Buschmann said the administration is in the process of washing off the spray paint and is trying its best to find who tagged the front of the school.

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  • Transgender rights and yet another possible reference to the cameras on campus were on a different section of the wall.

  • More phrases like “Stop Killing us” and more were further along the wall as well.

  • Some graffiti on the back walls have since been removed, faded copies of the vandalism that occurred.

  • The Black Lives Matter acronym was spray painted onto the blacktop.

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