Lions and Tigers and… Dragons? The Club that won’t die.


James Chin

The board of the Dungeons and Dragons game is being played in the Theatre Lobby.

As you stroll through the mystical woods, you and your party encounter a cave troll. With determination, you draw out your sword and approach the beast. As you look at the clock, you realize it’s time to go and end your adventure for the week.

Dungeons and Dragons, otherwise known as D&D, is a fantasy role play game where you and your friends go through a mystical adventure with different actions and consequences.

“I love it. It’s great.” London Bashline, a freshman at Granite Bay and D&D Club member said on the game. “I think the intricate storytelling is what really makes it fun.” 

Despite Bashline only being in the club for half of a year, he has really enjoyed playing the game, even though the rules and lore differ from most games. 

“When you first start, there’s quite a bit of complications to it. But I think the more you play, the more you kind of understand” Bashline said. “I saw a YouTuber start playing it and I was like, ‘hey, that looks pretty cool.’”

While Bashline has been in the club for a few months now, James Chin, a junior and Dungeons and Dragons Club president, has been in the club for years now, and has a good understanding for the seemingly complicated game. 

“A dungeon master is essentially just a host of a D&D campaign (game). So you have your campaign, your game, you have your host, your DM (Dungeon Master) and you go on a story” Chin said. “The players are going on a story hosted by the Dungeon Master. A campaign is a game but it lasts over several months, even years. The longest campaign i’ve been in (has been) about a year now.”

Chin, being a devoted player, has helped the Club with its inception

“Admittedly, though, it used to be called creative fiction. But they had a D&D rulebook on the table that told me this might not actually be about creative fiction. I got the club’s name changed. Dungeons and Dragons”

Many of the players believe that the club is a great place to make friends and memories while going on their role playing adventures. Some even joined the club because of their friends. Khamil Ahmad, a freshman at Granite Bay, is a great example of this. 

“Well, I started playing because my friend London played and I needed to join another club. I’m like, ‘Oh, I love fantasy and stuff like that.’” said Ahmad.

Although friends are a fun part of the club, others join for the love of the lore and the role playing. 

“The main appeal is doing whatever you want,” said Andrew White, a sophomore at GBHS. “You can basically do anything, like jump off a bridge and onto another that shoots a cannonball… There’s a bunch of physics in the game and how you attack. There’s a lot of different rules and it’s like a foreign world. And it’s kind of really complicated. And difficult, but it is fun when you get the hang of it.”

With devoted club members like Bashline, Chin and White, Dungeons and Dragons club is a great club to attend if you are looking for some new friends and stories.