Juniors prepare for their upcoming senior year

As the next school year approaches, juniors prepare for their final year of high school

Jordan Blair, Staff Writer

  As graduation sneaks around the corner, juniors are preparing to become the “top dogs” of the school. As they enter the final year of high school, seniority and anxiety rise as students begin to determine post high school plans.

  “I’m very stressed about college applications,” Granite Bay High School junior Madison McDermott said.

  Engineering teacher Steve Dolan says the biggest difference between junior and senior year is the maturity found in students.

  “They take their coursework more seriously,” Dolan said. “For most, that leads to a positive impact their senior year.”

  With merely three months left before juniors begin their final year of high school, many agree there’s plenty to look forward to.

  “I am most looking forward to having a really fun year with my friends and deciding what we are all going to do with our lives after high school,” junior Sydney Page said.

I am most looking forward to having a really fun year with my friends and deciding what we are all going to do with our lives after high school.

— Junior Sydney Page

  There’s also plenty of events juniors have to look forward to.

  “I’m most excited about the senior traditions like Senior Sunrise, Senior Sunset and Senior Ball,” McDermott said.

  As juniors prepare for their senior year, some are taking one last look back on what’s often viewed as the most stressful of their four years in high school.

  “My favorite thing about junior year was working hard as a coxswain on Capital Crew and making so many new friends,” Page said.

  When it comes to “senioritis”, it seems many have already experienced it to some degree.

  “I already feel like I have senioritis,” McDermott said.

  “If junioritis is a thing, then I think I may have had it,” Page said. “I am very scared that I will develop senioritis when it comes to my schoolwork.”

  While many say there’s not too much that can be done about senioritis, students still can make sure to start the year strong.

  “Take a fairly full academic load and learn time management if you haven’t already,” Dolan said.

  There’s Senior Ball, Senior Picnic, Senior Sunset, and of course, graduation, all to look forward to.

  Students’ junior year was an eventful ride in it of itself. There was Junior Prom, plenty of AP Exams, SAT’s and ACT’s keeping juniors busy.

  “My advice to upcoming juniors is make sure you’re not taking too many difficult classes and don’t overload yourself,” McDermott said.

  With difficult classes comes homework, and more often than not it will interfere with sleep patterns from time to time.

  “My advice for upcoming juniors is to remind yourself how important sleep is,” Page said.

  For juniors, this summer is the last before they begin preparing for life after high school. It’s the final year as teenagers, before becoming adults.

  “I think a part time job, whether it’s your junior year or the summer months really helps the stepping into adulthood,” Dolan said.

  Regardless of plans after high school, senior year is the last students have before going off on their own. It’s important to take time and enjoy everything the year has to offer.