High school doesn’t define your purpose in life


  At some point in our life, we must decide what our purpose is. It is not defined solely by materialistic achievements earned, like grades or trophies, but also the type of person you become. Many people tend to believe high school is what defines us as human beings and determines what kind of role we will have in the world, but this is false.

  I’ve always wished that I had the type of parents who told me that I could walk on the moon or become President as long as I believed in myself. However, my parents believe in a ‘blunt reality’ which means as long as the job is respectable and comes with a good paycheck (which will pay for their retirement cruise), that’s the best life has to offer.

 We never talked about how my career choice should be enjoyable, as it is something I’ll be doing for the rest of my life. It was always about the money or the bragging rights towards relatives when comparing children. Because of this, I convinced myself that I will only be as good as what my parents believe. I forced myself to consider medical school despite my uneasiness about blood, and law school knowing it can be extremely stressful.

 However, I’ve now allowed myself to believe those careers are not right for me and I need to find something that will allow myself to be content.

  The constant pestering about where I want to go to college, where I’ve already applied and whether or not I believe community college is the right choice for me have brought me closer and closer to my mental breakdown.

  I think it’s important to understand that although at this moment, you may be indecisive about your future, it’s much better to choose something enjoyable and interesting rather than picking something that gets your parents off your back.

  There are also many people who choose not to continue with school and start their lives much quicker than others. This is just as acceptable as school, which is something not everyone can handle for long periods of time.

  Everyone has a different path in the long run, so high school should not hold you back from starting your desired path.

  Do something that makes you happy. Although it may sound a bit selfish, sometimes you have to put your happiness at a higher priority.

  There’s a million choices out there and even if it hasn’t been discovered yet, you have a purpose in life. Don’t let anybody’s words get in the way of you finding that purpose. For every one person holding you back, there are three people pushing you towards your best. Those are the people who you need to surround yourself with on your desired path.

  Everyone has a different definition of ‘successful.’ It may be money, fame, power, glamour, etc., but you must remember that your definition of ‘successful’ should also take your contentment into consideration.

  I’m now in my senior year and still have no idea what I want to do in the future, and I know that I’m not the only one. Instead, we should look at this as an opportunity to find our purpose in life. Even if the dream is far-fetched, do whatever you can to turn it into a reality with your commitment and passion.

  We went to elementary school to prepare for junior high to prepare for high school and now, the possibilities are endless and a bit overwhelming. Do what feels right. You’ve been waiting for this moment for so long and now, it’s here.

  Whether you do or don’t continue your education, your purpose in life is out there, waiting for you to find it. The world would be different without you in it, so take this opportunity to show why you’re here.

  Don’t let high school define your future. Instead, use it as a stepping stone on your path to success – your definition of success.