Grizzly Retreat 2019

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  • Many athletes that are freshmen have to adapt to a new academic environment and their new sports teams.

  • Link Leaders, Lindsey Zabell and Brent Evans, pose with bubble guns.

  • A freshman smiles as he drives by bubbles in the GBHS parking lot.

  • Addison Hempstead, Cameron Hunter, Jacob Schulty shout excitedly at freshman cars.

  • Link Leader Summer Holt takes welcoming the incomin freshman very seriously.

  • Avani Singh is full of excitement right off the bat at Grizzly Retreat.

  • Gabby Birch and Emma Chinn give the freshmen their best welcome.

  • Jack Hopping and Nariaki Fujita lead their freshmen Snapchats around campus.

  • A group of freshmen and their Link Leaders pose in their sushi-themed costumes.

  • A Link Leader and their crew huddle in a circle.

  • Michelle Carmichael, dressed as a construction worker, poses with her link crew, impressive renditions of traffic cones.

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