GBHS athletes prepare to take next step

Several students begin to verbally commit to college for sports careers


Daryn Conner

Junior Anysley Conner and fellow commit Lauren Donovan visit their soon-to-be-home, University of Minnesota.

Among the many talented athletes at GBHS, several female athletes have taken the next step on their way to a college career.

Junior Bella Ternero verbally  committed to Long Beach State her sophomore year for soccer.

“(The process) was very stressful and very time consuming and very mentally exhausting, but I did it because I was really driven to get there.” Ternero said.

Junior Aynsley Conner also committed her sophomore year for soccer to the University of Minnesota.

“I chose Minnesota because I really liked the all female coaching staff and I fell in love with the campus,” Conner said.

Coaches at GBHS play a huge role in the athlete’s process to committing to a school, especially for junior Laine Weber, who has committed for lacrosse.

“My varsity coach supported me the most, (he) always kept me in check,” Weber said.

Choosing schools for these athletes is not an easy decision, and many factors are considered before they begin to finalize their choice. For some of them, careful consideration of their future occupation has a large impact.

I chose the Coast Guard Academy to have a lifelong career where I can serve and live my life for something other than myself.

— Laine Weber

“I chose the Coast Guard Academy to have a lifelong career where I can serve and live my life for something other than myself,” said Weber.

The community at schools also has a significant influence on an athlete’s decision.

“I wanted to go to a school with not only good soccer, but also great people behind it,” Ternero said. “The coaching staff and I just connected really well.”

In addition to community, teammates and other fellow commits are also reasons athletes choose certain school, for example, swim commit Junior Amber Myers.

“ I chose Tennessee because the team is amazing and all the girls were so nice and made me feel so welcome once I got there.” Myers said 

For most players, being able to compete at the collegiate level has always been their dream. Evidently, their hard work definitely paid off.

“I realized how much I loved the game, and that’s when I realized I wanted to further my career,” said Conner, “I just want to be able to play the sport  I love for as long as I can.”