Funky senior backpacks

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  • Campbell Karres shows off her PAWsitively amazing Paw Patrol Backpack. “The propeller spins!” Campbell said.

  • A senior with an Avengers backpack waits in the lunch line. Sunlight reflects off of it’s glossy exterior, making the backpack even more MARVELous.

  • A senior with extraordinary style walks to class rocking a puppy dog backpack.

  • A blonde senior weaves through a crowd of talkative students while rocking a sparkly, Frozen backpack.

  • Two seniors with matching unicorn backpacks chat in the lunch line.

  • A boy with a bucket hat stands in a circle with his friends. It seems that unicorns are quite popular among seniors…

  • A senior with a Minecraft creeper backpack pulls out his unintentionally (or perhaps intentionally..?) green keychain.

  • Two friends with opposite, colorful backpacks walk towards the cafeteria. Such a picture proves that opposites do attract, at least in terms of backpacks!

  • A dynamic senior duo walks to class with two contrasting backpacks. While one has a black and unassuming backpack, the other wears a pink mermaid-pattern backpack.

  • Kira Allen points to her yellow Winnie the Pooh backpack. Allen is relieved that it finally came in the mail, as the order had initially been delayed.

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