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Frustration unfairly directed at administration


An epidemic has spread through Granite Bay High School. It’s hit many students, particularly seniors. Symptoms include bitterness, rage and use of obscenities – all aimed at the school administration.

GBHS students have been plagued with an utter hatred toward all administrators, especially principal Jennifer Leighton. However, I don’t think this hatred is new. Its direction (toward Leighton) is new, but the feelings are aged.

Each year, the student body has chosen one member of the school faculty to absolutely derail. Last year, it was assistant principal Sybil Healy. This year, it’s Leighton.

Just as Healy was verbally attacked for her dress code reforms, Leighton is receiving hatred for the imposition of a “tardy sweep” and the cancellation of Mr. Grizzly.

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The GBHS population needs to realize the administration deserves respect. Each administrator is more educated – and clearly more mature – than each student. Every administrator is still an authority figure.

Students are using the administration as an outlet for their anger. They target one individual in power and blame everything on them.

This year, students have gone so far as to launch an “Impeach Leighton” campaign, suggesting every mishap of the year is directly linked to her.

I feel a sense of entitlement among students this year. I’ve felt it before, but it’s much stronger now.

I think many students feel personally violated by Leighton, and they believe they deserve justice. Do they think she imposed the “tardy sweep” to personally hurt them? Or canceled Mr. Grizzly just so a certain person couldn’t win?

I’m not sure if this is teenage rebellion or a “Granite Bay” sense of entitlement, but either way, it needs to stop.

The GBHS administrators are trained authorities. They’ve all had a great deal of experience with students.

We need to start giving them a bit more trust.

I’m not trying to defend the administration’s actions. This piece is not a debate about the ethics of the “tardy sweep.”

I simply want to urge students to give more respect – respect that is absolutely deserved – to the administration.

No matter the circumstances, it’s not appropriate nor mature to chant “Leighton is Satan” in the cafeteria at lunch.

Is she really Satan? As in, the Devil? Do students know the significance of their comparison?

This is not a commentary about censorship. I am the biggest proponent of free speech (any staff member of the Granite Bay Gazette can attest to that) it’s simply a cautionary message. I want students to have the ability and confidence to speak their minds, but I want them to exercise discretion, for their benefit.

Use freedom of speech wisely. It’s an absolute privilege to have the ability to speak your mind. I don’t think this freedom should be exploited by mindless banter like “Impeach Leighton.”

Although students should have free speech, I don’t think they should use their privilege to say mindless things that can only damage the administration. It’s still their right, but I believe free speech should be exercised for constructive criticism that will elicit improvement from the administration.

Further, if a student has a legitimate complaint or is looking for an explanation, I know the administration would be happy to lend an ear. I’d even go so far as to say the administration would offer an explanation, or potentially a solution.

I think the administration is happy to listen to mature students who are willing to speak like adults. Of course they’re not going to listen to a crazed, testosterone-infused student who can only spew insults.

Beyond college, administrators are trying to prepare students for life. They’re trying to equip us with the necessary skills we’ll need in the future – one of which is maturity.

Now, shall we exhibit some adult-like behavior and sail smoothly through the rest of this year?

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Frustration unfairly directed at administration