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From Practice to Performance: How Athletes at GBHS Prepare for Gameday


Athletes at GBHS do a lot to prepare and train, but we only see them on game day.

To get a glimpse of the preparation and training of an athlete at GBHS we spoke to several student athletes about their day to day and training.

“I practice for three hours during the week and try to compete with as many people as I can for practice, which is hard sometimes because golf is such an individual sport,” Senior Lauren Pierce said.

Pierce is originally from Florida and has been playing Golf since she was four years old. She normally practices at Granite Bay Golf Course and The Ridge. Pierce is committed to University of Hawaii on a D1 scholarship.

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“Before a tournament I listen to music but most of my focus goes to my thoughts. I know I can’t play well when I’m not in a good headspace. If all my thoughts are focused on the negative or filled with anxiety then I know I’m not going to play my game how I can,” Pierce said.

Having a clear mind and being able to control your emotions definitely plays a role in how well you play, especially for a sport like golf since it isn’t a team sport. Every shot you take is on you.

Although there is pressure while playing, there can also be pressure in the classroom. That’s why it’s called being a student athlete, student comes first.

“This year I think is the least stressful because I know what to expect from the season and I can help out the new teammates, which is a role I’ve honestly been anticipating,” Pierce said.

Hopefully we can expect more of the success that we witnessed last year when the Grizzlies’ Girls Varsity Golf won state.

“I train when it’s beach season, I train that four days a week for two hours and for indoor right now for the school we’re training four days a week, Monday through Thursday,” Senior Macie Kniesel said.

Kniesel started playing indoor volleyball in fourth grade, then in 8th grade made the switch to beach volleyball and has decided to continue beach volleyball in college.

Kniesel takes her training and practice very seriously. On top of practicing locally she even travels to Southern California to better her game.

“I was practicing at the club in Huntington Beach. I was living there for six months and then I did another six months for my club down there. And we’re third in the nation right now. So it was just a good opportunity for me and I took advantage of it,” Kniesel said.

Kniesel’s hard work and dedication has paid off, she verbally committed to play D1 beach volleyball at Cal State Long Beach University.

Narihide Fujita, a senior in Varsity Football, has been playing football since his Freshman year. He practices with his team daily from 2-4 p.m, but his training doesn’t stop there. He trains by himself at least four times a week.

“Since we have practice after school, there’s less time to do homework and study. However, having Athletic PE during 4th period let’s us start practice earlier, which helps get us home earlier as well,” Fujita said.

The dedication that’s put into the work, whether it’s the practice or watching film, is essential when it comes to Friday night.

Visualization is key to his success on the field. If you practice and picture what you want to do and how you want to play it can help you perform better.

“To get ready for a Game I visualize what I want to do during the game, and make sure to stay hydrated and focused. Practicing hard throughout the week and watching film is also vital to success on Friday Nights,” Fujita said.

Athletes at GBHS work very hard on and off the field to reach their goals. The dedication and effort demonstrated by these athletes show their commitment to both academic and athletic excellence.

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