Food Review: Safeway Breakfast Food



Safeway’s “underrated” breakfast burrito was delicious AND filling.

  Safeway breakfast burritos are unquestionably the move when you wake up late on a Sunday morning.

  The night before, when I’m out with friends, living up my senior year until 1 a.m, there is nothing I look forward to more than waking up at noon and driving to Safeway for a burrito.

  This breakfast food is most definitely underrated.

  What’s better than a tasty, meaty and filling burrito for 3.99?

  This “fast and casual” deli setup will have you in and out of Safeway with a burrito within 10 minutes.

  However, this exquisite burrito’s quality is solely dependent on who builds it.

  Some entry level workers at Safeway will unfortunately mess up in the process of folding the burrito.

  So it’s critical to have an experienced, well-trained employee at the hands of your breakfast.

  There are plenty of options you can choose to have on your burrito.

  From meats like sausage and bacon, to veggies like bell peppers, tomatoes and onions, the varieties and combinations make this burrito even better.

  While additional meats are an extra charge, I thought the combination of bacon and sausage was a must have.

  As if all that doesn’t sound delicious enough, customers have the option to have potato fries added to the burrito for no charge.

  You heard me right, potato fries in a breakfast burrito.

  Personally I thought this was the key to it’s taster and size, you simply cannot go wrong adding these fries to your burrito.    

  This fine breakfast item isn’t something small either. It comes out to be a good sized burrito that will leave you stuffed for a good portion of the day.

  It’s such a quick and simple meal, you cannot go wrong buying this food for a quick breakfast.

You heard me right, potato fries in a breakfast burrito.

— Akhil Shah

  Whether you’re on the road, getting late for school, or simply just crave a quick but healthy meal; Safeway burritos are good for all those things.

  I highly recommend this breakfast item to anyone who enjoys food. Seriously, head over to your local Safeway and order this item from the deli. You will not regret it.

  Unless of course, you’re on some crazy diet thinking that starving yourself will make you fit into that prom dress.

  While that can be taken as politically incorrect, work with me here girls, and give yourself a break.

  You deserve this outstanding burrito as well. In fact, everyone deserves this fine breakfast food.