Food Review: Bagel Bites



Bagel Bites are a frozen food, commonly found in grocery stores.

Mareesa Islam, Staff Writer

Store: Safeway

Food: Three-cheese Bagel Bites

Price: $2.50

Quick Take: Bagel Bites are an easy and quick snack when you crave a cheesy delight.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars


I’m sure I’m not the only one who craves a cheesy delight every once in a while.

On this day specifically, I came home with pizza on my mind, my mouth watering at the thought.

Of course, my kitchen is never naturally stocked with gourmet pizza ingredients, in fact, even a fundamental ingredient like cheese was nowhere in sight.

But just as I was about to lose hope in finding anything remotely similar to pizza, my eyes laid upon Bagel Bites, and I instantly knew my wishes would be fulfilled.

I’ll admit, this wasn’t my first experience with these delicious snacks, but I’ll be sure to voice my honest opinion.  

Frankly, Bagel Bites, which can be purchased at practically any grocery store for an affordable price of only three buckaroos, are pleasing when you wish for a quick snack.

As instructed by the packaging, I popped four bagel bites into the toaster oven to bake for 12 minutes.

They were cooked alright, but I would have preferred to keep them in a bit longer as the three cheese combo toppings were not evenly melted over the thin layer of tomato sauce. Nevertheless, my taste buds would finally be satisfied.

I was disappointed by the overpowering effect of the chewy bagel crust

— Mareesa Islam

The symphony of flavors were delicious.

The combinations of all of the flavors together complemented each other– the tomato was tangy and the cheese was surprisingly rich and buttery in a way only cheese could be.

Yet, at first bite, I was disappointed by the overpowering effect of the chewy bagel crust, which blurred the cheesy delight’s spotlight.

All in all, Bagel Bites seem to be the perfect go-to snack, easy and quick, when you find your taste-buds crying for a savory treat.