Finals pose stress on students

Students share their study techniques for finals


Gazette/ file photo/KABE TEAGUE

GBHS students discuss the rising stresses of finals.

Finals are here. It’s the time of year that every student dreads. For the freshmen, this is their first time taking finals, and it could be very stressful.

Most teachers make big tests on everything their students have learned over the course of the term. 

The two days of finals are full of stress, nerves, frustration, and exhaustion. 

“I am nervous for finals because I am not really prepared to know how hard it is or anything,” said Hanna Christopherson, a freshman at GBHS.

Midterms was a little introduction for the freshmen of what finals would be like at GBHS.

“Last semester was a lot easier than this semester and I feel like all of my grades are suddenly dropping,” Christopherson said.

Some students have different things that they are more stressed about than others.

“I’m most stressed to have to study everything from the beginning of the school year because that’s a lot of information and I don’t really know what to study,” Christopherson said. 

“You have to study a lot, which sucks,” said Julia Sollazo, a student at GBHS.

Students have certain classes that stress them out more than other classes and they also have classes that they have to study more for.

Students with all academic classes right now are even more stressed because they have a big final in every class.

“I’m mostly stressed for health, Spanish, and math because in Spanish, I feel like I don’t know anything,” Christopherson said.

“I’m more stressed about biology because it includes math and a lot of stuff from over the year,” Sollazo said.

Students have study strategies and techniques that they use to try to be as prepared as they can for finals.

“My study strategy is that I study what I know the least first, and then once I know that, I’ll study everything else and then I’ll study everything again just to make sure I know everything,” Christopherson said.

My study strategy is that I study what I know the least first, and then once I know that, I’ll study everything else and then I’ll study everything again just to make sure I know everything.

— Hanna Christopherson

Paying attention during class is a big key to doing well on the finals this semester because if students get what’s going on during class, they’ll be just fine on the finals.

“I think if I study enough and pay attention I’d probably get a somewhat decent grade,” Sollazo said.

The night before finals is full of nervous tension. Students have ways to prepare the night before so that they can do the best that they can for the big day ahead of them. 

“I will eat a healthy dinner the night before finals, a little more studying, and then I’ll go to bed at a good time so I get enough sleep,” Sollazo said.

“The night before finals I’ll probably just quickly study everything and just destress and not be too stressed out,” Christopherson said.

Even Scott Braly, a biology teacher at GBHS, has some advice for students.

“They should eat well and make sure they get rest, including a good night’s sleep,” Braly said. “Our mind makes sense of what we are learning when we sleep.”

Those students who procrastinate a lot, need to get it together so they can study efficiently and do well on their finals.

Destressing is also a good technique to use before a big test so you’re not so tense.

“They should make time to listen to a favorite song, pet their dog, or go for a short run here and there, to deal with the stress of studying and finals,” Braly said. “But they do need to study and prepare; avoidance will not work.”