Fifth period setlist: Students take advantage of concert season


With a rise of popular artists touring this year, many students have decided seek out the concerts of their favorite artists, despite the often high prices.
Junior Chase Mannsfeld bought tickets to Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour in Oakland, since he fell in love with the tracks on the artist’s new album.

“I decided to go mainly because of his new album, ‘Views,’” Mannsfeld said. “I had been listening to it a lot. I liked the show set up and the flow of the songs and how he performed. The atmosphere was awesome,”

As for the price of stepping into Oracle Arena, the tickets were fairly cheap for Mannsfeld and his sister.

“My sister (Autumn Mannsfeld) had an extra ticket. The seats weren’t the best, but they weren’t that expensive, so I felt like we got what we paid for. I was on the top row on the side of the stage and we paid $40,” Mannsfeld said.

Before the Sleep Train Arena was shut down, junior Maddie Tastor spent her last moments in the arena by watching her idol on perform.

“I went to the Selena Gomez Revival Tour. My sister and I really enjoy Selena Gomez, we bond over it,” Tastor said. “So we decided to go as soon as we heard that tickets were on sale and we each got to bring a friend.

Despite her international pop-star status, tickets for Gomez’s show were surprisingly affordable.

“They were really good seats. The price, I think, was right for the seats,” Tastor said.

Tastor ended up meeting Gomez, without paying an extra cent.

“I have a friend (who) goes to concerts a lot. We didn’t get the meet and greets because those are way too expensive, so she told me to ‘just go wait outside by her bus,’ and that’s what we did. She so happened to come up to me and my friend and we took a picture and talked to her a bit,” Tastor said.

The concert itself wasn’t the highlight of Tastor’s experience, but rather “meeting her, because she’s one of my childhood idols and it was really cool seeing her,” Tastor said.

Although many go out of their way to see popular, mainstream artists, senior Flannery Trexler enjoys attending some bands that aren’t as well-known.

“This year, 2017, I’ve only been to one concert so far, and it was The Growlers,” Trexler said. “I decided to go because I’m a big fan of their music, and I heard they were good performers. (I also heard) that the crowd was really fun and involved, so I wanted to check it out.”

Because of the smaller venue, the prices were fair.

“It was at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, which usually isn’t an expensive venue, and the band isn’t too well known,” Trexler said. “The tickets were very reasonable.”

Another concert avid, senior Jordan Sloan, went as a VIP to Justin Bieber’s purpose tour, believing it would be the night of her life.

“It was underwhelming. For tickets that price, I think he should have been nicer. We took one picture, and he said ‘enjoy the show.’ I was surprised at how unenthusiastic he was,” Sloan said.

Gaining admission into the concert came with a hefty price for the ultimate VIP package.

“Well my friend got the ticket but I think they were $1500 each and we had VIP so we were front row,” Sloan said.

Most would agree that meeting their all-time idol would be the best part of the show. Unfortunately, Sloan said “getting the front row was cool, but meeting him (was not).”