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Female sports unappreciated by student section


“I believe that we will win” – a pretty frequently expressed chant at GBHS basketball and football games. But other sporting events? This chant, along with many others is actually absent. And so is the tribe.

As the both the girl’s and boy’s soccer seasons transition to the winter, I can only see the outcome of the number of students supporting either side diminishing.

Being a soccer player, I am affected by this transition in both positive and negative ways.

On the bright side, the weather won’t be as hot as it would be in the spring as it normally is, and we get to play night games in the football stadium.

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I think most soccer athletes can agree that playing on a smooth, flat surface is much easier than trying to put forth your best 6th grade rec-level soccer.

Unfortunately, though, the girls’ teams are required to split the time in the stadium with the boys.

The soccer field is already in poor condition, and by having four teams play on it day in and day out, rain or shine, is ultimately the epitome of a disaster.

On top of already having to split times with two other teams, less and less people will begin to attend girls’ varsity soccer games due to the various schedules and the popularity of boys’ sports over girls’.

I believe that support is necessary for an energetic match. The more people that come out and cheer for our varsity team, the better we tend to play.

I don’t think it is right, as the tribe, to only promote attendance at major sporting events.

Instead of making an appearance at football, basketball, and the occasional boys’ soccer games, the student section should make a conscious effort to try and get sports fans to not just girls’ soccer games, but also other female sports matches.

Student-athletes would definitely be more appreciative of the tribe if they came out to support: they will begin to feel more apart of the sport culture of the school

Despite the seasonal changes, students should begin to understand that every sport at the school is important and deserves to be supported.

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Female sports unappreciated by student section