Entering into entrepreneurship: Singh’s successful small business

Junior Jashan Singh shares how she started and managed her handmade stationary and rings business at a young age.


Managing a business is easier said than done. Understanding the mission of it, the products to sell, the financial aspect and not to mention handling inventory is demanding. 

For Jashan Singh, a junior at Granite Bay High School, the task of managing her sticker business is quite enjoyable. 

“I officially started on August 7th, 2020,” Singh said. “(The business) actually happened by accident. My club Stick to the Paws at GBHS wasn’t getting the amount of exposure and support I wanted, so I went solo and restarted.

Stickers were the best way to showcase my art. Since I paint and draw, it was by far the best way to literally have my art on something.”

Since I paint and draw, it was by far the best way to literally have my art on something.

— Jashan Singh

Singh’s business is currently only featured on Instagram as @just.jashann. There, interested customers have the opportunity to browse the numerous sticker collections, rings, charms and much more products that are available. 

The business features a variety of sticker collections, the most popular ones being the Fluffy Cow, Little Village and Squishmallow collections. 

To order stickers, customers must direct message the Instagram account. If a customer would like to order multiple stickers at once, that is completely acceptable. Payment takes place either via PayPal or Venmo. 

Aside from choosing pre-made stickers, customers can also order a custom-made sticker. 

“The process would be for them to contact me first (anytime from Monday to Saturday) and we would just discuss what they would like,” Singh said. “Usually, they send in a sketch or reference photo. From there on I usually just keep everything they want in mind and create their design. Before I actually make it into a sticker, I send them the digital version so I can make edits as needed. I do unlimited edits! Once I get them 110% satisfied I begin making the actual sticker and shipping them out…I use Sunday as my catch up day for custom orders.” 

The proceeds that Singh receives from her business are either invested into restocking materials for future orders or donated to nonprofit organizations. 

“Every other month or so I’ll make a story post and have my followers comment some organizations to donate to, then I post some answers and get the majority vote from the Instagram feature of polls,” Singh said. “Two months ago I donated $50 to the save the Arctic that was accepting donations.” 

In order to ensure a future business will be successful, Singh has a few recommendations. 

“Find something you’re passionate for and find a way to showcase it,” Singh said. “In my situation, I’m passionate about art and any type of craft, so I molded it into something I can share. (In terms of editing for posts), the app I would suggest for photo editing would be Adobe LightRoom.

You should know these three things before you start (any business): what will be the name of your business (and what connection will be behind it), what will I be making/selling and (make sure) you have a good working space. Use your small business as a way to relieve stress. I use mine as a coping mechanism.”

Visit Singh’s instagram page to order stickers, charms and rings and to view the newest collections.