Early Graduates Keep Busy Working


Five thousand hours of  high school. That’s the amount of time that all students spend in what may feel like the longest four years of their life.

Exactly half of the states in the United States have requirements regarding students graduating from high school early.

Since California does not have statewide regulations, it is up to school districts to make the decision.

In the Roseville Joint High School District, to graduate early, a student must complete all graduation requirements.

Since most students follow the typical schedule for high school, they graduate at the end of the academic year time with their class.

In December of 2016, 19 students in the class of  2017 met all of the graduation requirements and made the decision to graduate early.

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The number of students that have made the decision to graduate early has remained about the same over the years.

According to information released from the GBHS Registrar, the number of seniors who have graduated after the fall term has remained around 19 or 20 since 2010.

There are a few juniors on campus who will be graduating with the class of 2017.

Deciding whether or not you want to graduate early can be one of the hardest parts of the entire high school process.

Students often have to rearrange schedules to fit in graduation requirements.

“I decided junior year (to graduate early) when I realized that I didn’t need to stay the whole year.” former Class of 2017 early graduate, Devin Engeldinger said.

Engeldinger says he made the decision because once he realized that he only had a few requirements left and could finish them in one semester, he didn’t see the point in taking unnecessary electives.

Since his graduation in December, Engeldinger has since moved back to Texas where he lived before moving to California.

“(One of) the biggest down sides of graduating early is missing out on senior events,” early graduate Alexis Hazelett said.

One of the largest events in the spring is Powder Puff which is an annual football game where senior girls compete against junior girls. Students can participate both years.

Hazelett says she is sad that she won’t be able to participate in the game, but she is happy that she was able to be a member of the team junior year.

Alexis Hazelett is currently working five days a week at Learning Express and as a Realtors Assistant.

She is also currently working on her Realtors License, which she will receive by the beginning of April.

While graduating early can be what some seniors dream of, Hazelett claims there is a bit of a downside.

“I miss (high school) sometimes,” Hazelett said. “I don’t see my friends often and I wish I was still in dance and art.”

For many high school students, spring of their senior year is considered the best part of high school. In between the countdown to graduation, seniors get to participate in events specifically for the graduating class.

While some graduates, like Megan Cline, are excited to come back and participate in the events that she is allowed to be apart of, not all students will make the trip back.

Engeldinger says that he misses his friends that he made at GBHS while playing football, he won’t be coming back for events because his long term goals come first.

Leaving high school can be hard for a lot of people and making the decision to leave early can often be harder.

“I miss feeling comfortable and knowing where everything is,” Cline said. “But I’m happy with the new chapter in my life.”

While high school can be the best years of some people’s lives, it is not for everyone.

“Have a plan for yourself after you graduate,” Hazelett said. “Stay in contact with your friends. Think about everything you’ll miss and make sure you’re okay with that.”

Whether that’s joining every club on campus, or only spending three years on campus, it’s important to remember to always put personal needs first.