Dress code is both cumbersome and biased


“Excuse me you need to come with me your outfit is inappropriate,” I hear as I had taken two steps onto campus on the second day of school. Before anyone just rolls their eyes at this article and says they have heard it enough, let’s just think about other people and how the rules affect everyone.

Women have been sexualized and created to be creatures who are only capable of distracting guys from learning.  Since when is their education more important than ours? Are my shoulders REALLY keeping a guy from learning? NO.

Girls have been sexualized in every way.  Shoulders, thighs, chests and every part of our bodies have been completely turned into objects that can only distract.  If a guy can’t focus in class because my shoulders are showing, THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM.

I once saw a guy on campus wearing a shirt stating “violence is the answer.”  So just to be clear, wearing something that threatens other students is okay, but wearing jean shorts isn’t? Okay cool, glad Granite Bay High School has morals!

This is apparently okay but my jean shorts are too distracting as I sit in my chair where no one can even see my lower body anyway. WHY? Why does admin feel the need to make girls feel bad about themselves and their outfits to please guys.  I guarantee you that not one guy is actually distracted by an off the shoulder top. Next thing you know, no one is going to be able to see my elbows.

You wouldn’t leave the house in something you are not comfortable in, so why should admin be able to tell you you don’t look good? It’s insulting and biased.  My mother can tell me if i look inappropriate.  

When dress code was presented to the school on the first day, four outfits were shown for girls that were “appropriate.”  Then someone proceeds to dress code you, and tell you that the dress code was clearly presented on the first day, which in fact it was not.  Telling me four versions of something I can wear does not cover what the entire dress code entails.  Not once in that first day of school meeting was it said that off the shoulder tops were not allowed.

I was dress coded for a pair of shorts that was “too short,” when I saw a girl who was about a foot shorter than me wearing the same shorts.  I hear principal Jennifer Leighton saying height isn’t a factor, but that is false.  My legs were longer than hers, and because the shorts appeared longer on her, she wasn’t dress coded.

A friend of mine was dress coded here at Granite Bay and was told her shirt was “too small.”  Why should admin be telling us what size we should be wearing? Circumstances may not allow you to be able to purchase more clothes that are bigger, or according to admin, “appropriate.”  If we feel good and have confidence in what we are wearing, why should anyone be tearing down our confidence and humiliating us in front of the whole school?  

The dress code has become demoralizing and biased to not only girls, but has become insulting to guys who are deemed as only sexual beings who can’t focus on anything but girls while at school.