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Departing seniors struggle to find jobs


Whether to earn and save up money for college or for leisure spending, Granite Bay High School seniors are trying to get a job. However, with seniors’ soon imminent departure for college, some business managers seem to be hesitant to hire high school seniors.

A senior who has been having some difficulty to find a job,  Carson Hubred has been on the search for a job. She has applied to multiple places, but has not had much luck, because she is leaving soon for college.

“Basically, they were really nice and said they might hire me, but basically, it takes to long to learn how to do the job if you’re just going to be there for the summer. (They didn’t want to hire me) just because I’m leaving (for college in the fall).”

Hubred has applied to Starbucks and Lifetime Fitness to work at and is hopeful to get a summer job. She believes if those options fall short, she can still tutor others as a source of revenue.

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Jared Richardson, general manager at Buckhorn Grill in Roseville, is open to hiring high school seniors, but with hesitation.

“As a company, and myself personally, I am not opposed to hiring high school students,” Richardson said. “They have just as much potential as anyone else to become an excellent employee and grow and learn from the experience … They are hard working and look to make a good impression on their employer.”

   According to Richardson, despite an eagerness to learn, high school students can be difficult to hire.

“Some of the cons include that they could be leaving soon to go to college, their availability due to school and their studies, maturity level, and level of experience,” Richardson said. “Some seniors that we have hired in the past don’t always show the most maturity once they get to working around other people their own age. It is difficult for them to stay focused and work effectively. This also is part of their experience level. Since they most likely haven’t had a ‘real’ job before, they dont always have the knowledge of how you should act in a professional setting.”

Some seniors not only want to get a job to work at during the summer, but also want a reliable place to work at during their school breaks.

Richardson said he has invited college students to keep working during their breaks, but based on their performance. He prefers to hire employees who can work with and develop and plan to stay long term, but does not pass up on a potentially good employee specifically for that reason.

Sabine Sypolt is the owner of Flip2It Sports Center, a gymnastics, dance and parkour gym for kids in Roseville. She is open to hiring high school students as gymnastics teachers and coaches for the children.

“You have to be at least 16 to work at Flip2it and we hire anyone that is enthusiastic, hardworking and loves kids,” Sypolt said.

Regarding high school seniors, Sypolt said she allows the hired seniors to work at Flip2It not only during their summers, but also during their college breaks.

Seniors are able to develop at their job and gain experience, not only for their specific tasks, but also for their future employment.

“I’d like coaches to stay for a minimum of a year,” Sypolt said. “Kids get attached to coaches and we try to avoid a lot of coaches changes. I personally dislike getting attached to seniors (because I have to) say goodbye.”

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Departing seniors struggle to find jobs