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Current generation’s motivation plummeting


  Our generation has become increasingly more lazy – however we have aspirations which cannot allow us to be.

  We want to find our soulmates, yet we don’t do anything remotely romantic; we want to go to our dream colleges, yet we become too lazy to complete the applications which then impacts our chances of acquiring the the jobs we desire.

  The problem with most of this generation’s issues is that despite being aware of them, there appears to be no active fight to solve our problems.

  Apparently, true romance is dead with our generation – that’s almost a fact at this point – but so is anything that requires any effort.  

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  True romance, apparently once existing, now seems as though it’s less common than most comets.

  We live in an age where favoriting, or now liking, a person’s tweets is an adequate form of flirting.  Nowhere or at anytime do I recall my parents teaching me that their love started with obtaining mutual likes of one another on Instagram.

  No great shakespearean romances started with “yeah dude, she keeps favoriting my tweets so she has to be into me.”

   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people tweet that effort is attractive, yet ironically the majority of kids my age seem to just that – effort.

  Even college applications have been designed for our ‘convenience,” aka laziness.

  The common application offers a means by which one application applies to hundreds of schools. Even though we have this ease, kids still disregard many of those schools for fear of requesting letters of recommendation.

  Kids are limiting their futures because they’re afraid to ask one or two people a few questions. Then these same kids go on to retweet Twitter accounts such as one named “Billionaires,” insinuating they aspire to become a billionaire.

  As far as I’m concerned, you’re going to have to do more than merely ask for a letter of recommendation if you’re going to buy those matching his and hers Range Rovers with your billions of dollars.

   Furthermore, despite our higher education and advanced use of technology, we complain about not finding jobs or being successful enough.

  I know there are facts that say there aren’t enough jobs out there for college graduates, but it seems as though kids are willing to create any excuse as a reason for their lack of success.

  It also seems like most of our generation is suddenly supporting Bernie Sanders purely because he’s offering free college and we have no problem with the fact they’d be using someone else’s tax dollars to pay for our education.

  It’s almost as if our generation thinks we’re owed something, and this allows us to be indolent..     

  Our internet never seems to be fast enough, which is kind of a crazy accusation considering we’re the first generation to grow up with a mobile connection in our pocket.  

  Our generation, myself included, has this insatiable need for more, which in term leads us to many more great endeavors – but it always ends up circling back to a lack of effort that limits our abilities.

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Current generation’s motivation plummeting