Covid-19 boredom causes many to hit the ramp


Alex Powell/Pexels

Many have found a new hobby in skateboarding as Covid-19 has caused increasing boredom.

Due to limited time out of the house, people have recently begun taking time to try new things out in 2020, including skateboarding.

There has been an increase in skateboarders over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it is presumably because of all the time students are getting alone at home, bored.

Garrett Sheurermann, a freshman at GBHS, started skateboarding just December of last year. He agrees that many people have started to learn how to skateboard during the pandemic.

“I think people have started to skateboard over the pandemic because they weren’t able to do a majority of stuff they would usually do in a normal year, so that made for more people trying new things they could do at their own homes,” Shuerermann said.

He explains that he also has seen people that are skateboarding for just the looks of it, not to get better, since the sport has grown in popularity. 

“I have been skateboarding awhile and have already seen like 10 people I know just learn how to skate over the pandemic,” Shuerermann said. 

Skating is a fun way to get around with style. Although it is a sport there are many GBHS students that are known for skateboarding and have been recognized over the pandemic due to the fact they can skateboard very well.

Skateboarding has been known to be very difficult, with balance and skill being crucial to successfully becoming a skateboarder. Only so many people are actually good at it and able to excel at the activity.

As more and more people have picked up a board, there has been an increase in skateboard injuries throughout the pandemic.

One wrong move and one can end up in the hospital with a broken ankle or wrist.

So despite the cool air surrounding the activity, those hoping to learn to skateboard should proceed with caution.