Commentary: When is it too early to put up Christmas lights?

Holiday cheer can be festive and fun, but there is a time and place for sharing your seasonal spirit

I get it. Christmas lights can show joy, fun, and great Christmas spirit. But the people who think it’s perfectly fine to put up their Christmas lights right after Halloween are going way too far.

People know that there is a holiday called “Thanksgiving” right? Where families get together, say what they’re thankful for, eat amazing food, and do just about all of the best things ever. 

You simply cannot pass up that holiday. Even though Christmas is many people’s favorite holiday, you have to give at least a little respect to Thanksgiving.

There are definitely some people out there who have their Christmas lights up from October all the way to January, and it just drives me nuts.

Keeping lights up way after Christmas is just as bad as putting them up the day after Halloween.

After the hype of Christmas is over, you should take your decorations and lights down immediately. 

Yes, they’re pretty, they’re festive, they’re fun. Christmas lights are all of these things, but you have to remember that they’re specifically for Christmas, not just for fun. 

So you can’t keep them up all year round. Christmas music goes the same way. You can not start listening to Christmas music until it’s at least December.

When you start listening to Christmas music in October or November, it just doesn’t sound right yet because you are too far away from Christmas. 

When people start singing Jingle Bells in the middle of the year, it is not as joyful and as spirited as it would be if you just waited to sing it until Christmas, when it is cold and rainy and it is actually time for caroling and Christmas music.

And then there are those people who listen to Christmas music throughout the whole year, who are a disgrace. Who wants to listen to Christmas music and get all excited for Christmas, when it’s not even close? You’re getting all excited for nothing. 

So, if you are putting your Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving, you are essentially skipping Thanksgiving, which is a big no no. You have to finish one before you start the other. 

So please, leave the Christmas lights and Christmas spirit for December. No skipping ahead, and have a great Christmas and holiday season.