Commentary: The actions of parents shouldn’t result in punishment for children



The sexually-explicit platform OnlyFans has been involved in a controversy including a Sacramento Mom and Sacred Hearts Parish School.

“At Sacred Heart Parish School, we believe in educating the whole child,” The Sacred Heart website says. “In our care students will grow intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. … At Sacred Heart, all children have the chance to fulfill their academic and social potential while learning and experiencing the richness of the Catholic faith through developing a relationship with a loving God.”

In February, Crystal Jackson’s three young children were expelled from Sacred Heart after the discovery of Jackson’s account on OnlyFans, a sexually explicit, subscription-based platform, where she posted to numerous ‘fans.’

It’s almost ironic how the account was discovered in the first place: by a father at the school. 

After he found the account, he decided to show it to his wife who was also an OnlyFans user. The woman then decided it was her place to bring Jackson’s account to the school’s attention. 

If the woman was such a good Catholic mother and wife herself, why does she own an account on the platform herself?

The Catholic religion considers porngraphy a mortal sin. She had no right doing what she did and to me that is simply being hypocritical in regards to the Catholic faith. 

Instead of the woman “calling her out” and putting Jackson’s children at risk, she should have had a private conversation with Jackson to deal with the situation.

Instead, she went back to the account after discovering it, screenshotted the explicit photos, sent the photos around to other parents and brought that information to the school.

Expelling the children was insensitive because they are being punished for something they had no real responsibility for. Jackson’s children are 8, 10 and 12, and I could only imagine how they feel being kicked out of school without a clear understanding as to why. 

I don’t understand who could put that much time and effort into getting someone’s children expelled and basically shunned. This behavior appears to be out of pure jealousy. 

What I find disturbing about Jackson’s case is the fact that other mothers decided to involve themselves by sending photographs to the principal. 

I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there comes a time where you don’t have to express every little detail. 

By all means, speak up and be vocal when it is beneficial to society. But when someone challenges the personal beliefs and morals of others, instead of being beneficial the action simply becomes disrespectful. 

By all means, speak up and be vocal when it is beneficial to society. But when someone challenges the personal beliefs and morals of others, instead of being beneficial the action simply becomes disrespectful. ”

— Trinity Jones

Overall the parents’ involvement was unnecessary, including the backlash and public humiliation Jackson faced. It was simply immature.  

In the school’s contract, it states that the parents need to uphold the integrity of the school and, in essence, keep up the school’s image.

It must be taken into consideration though that it is a private school, which means they can enforce their own rules and regulations therefore the school felt it was an appropriate decision.

As a Catholic school it’s understandable that they didn’t want to associate themselves with controversy, however I think they could have given Jackson an ultimatum instead of taking it as far as they did with expulsion. 

It’s unfortunate that the actions of adults can take away from children and their opportunities. 

The first page on the Sacred Heart’s website states that the school wants their students to reach their full potential. Well in my opinion, children can’t do that if they’re in danger of expulsion over situations out of their control.