Commentary: Please, Stay Home

COVID-19 has very much affected my life, and it’s bothering me how so many people from Granite Bay are going out on lake trips and chilling with their friends. We have a serious issue going on, and unfortunately not everyone is taking it seriously.

While others continue to go out, both of my grandparents are sick with the Coronavirus, and they got it because they wouldn’t stop going to church even after my family had told them not to multiple times. My grandparents have since said goodbye over a FaceTime call with us, because they started to feel worse every day.

And yet, when I go on social media I see how many teenagers don’t care, and it just hurts because although the chances of a teenager dying from COVID-19 are low, it’s still a possibility. I wish that everyone would understand that this pandemic isn’t a joke and should be taken seriously. The longer everyone continues to interact with people, the longer this quarantine will last.

My family and I have been self-isolating for so long that it’s frustrating to see our efforts being jeopardized because certain people can’t stay home for a while longer while this passes. They need to start realizing the dangers that this disease presents to themselves and the people around them.

If people truly care about their grandparents and older family members, they need to stay at home.