Commentary: Freedom for Hong Kong

Independence from China has been denied for too long

Sandy Song, Staff Writer

One American Revolution was enough. However, another one might be on the rise. Only this time it’s not us, but halfway across the world in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has not been happy with the Chinese government ever since 1997, when it was returned to China’s hands after being a British colony for more than 100 years.

One of the more recent reasons was the Extradition Bill, proposed in April 2019, which allows people who have committed crimes in other countries, like mainland China, to be sent to that country for trials and further punishments.

Personally, as a native of Hong Kong, I feel like this bill is exceedingly cruel and unjust. No one should be sent to a foreign country to be judged, even if they are criminals.

Personally, as a native of Hong Kong, I feel like this bill is exceedingly cruel and unjust.”

— Sandy Song

Besides, the bill didn’t explicitly state which type of crime is significant enough for the accused person to be extradited. Therefore, someone who stole an apple could potentially be extradited the same way an extradition could happen for someone who committed murder.

This is extremely unjust. I can’t imagine how two crimes on either side of the scale could have identical punishments.

It is like saying that the act of theft is the same as murder. Wrong. Anyone who is in their right mind knows that.

Furthermore, some people fear  political activists and those who spoke out against the Chinese government in forms of illustrations, literature or public speeches would be punished as well.

As a writer and artist, I care immensely about my freedom to write and draw whatever I want. If expressing opinions through literature were a crime that was applicable to me, I would feel frightened and enraged, just like what the people of Hong Kong are feeling right now.

And it isn’t over yet, seeing as how the government hasn’t entirely rejected the bill. Hong Kong civilians want this bill gone for good, and so do I.

I believe the government of Hong Kong is being meddled with by China, and seeing my home country being mistreated and manipulated by China is heart-breaking.

All that Hong Kong civilians want is for Hong Kong to stay as Hong Kong, and I support Hong Kong’s fight for independence. I agree entirely that breaking away from China is the best and the only solution to this problem.

I solemnly hope that in the place where I was born, there will be freedom and justice instead of mistreatment and cruelty.