Commentary: Dedication is for the strong

It’s time to focus on students’ success and dreams

   In recent years, we have grown accustomed to a mindset that solely focuses on the end result, and have failed to acknowledge the lengthy road it takes to reach success.

   I do believe that talent often cultivates self-confidence and may help acquire materialistic achievements. However, talent should not transcend the value of hard work.

   Talent should not be viewed as an easy way out. 

Talent should not be viewed as an easy way out.

— Mareesa Islam

   It is not a tactic that can be used to deceive challenges and hardships.

   Immersed in an unforgiving culture, we have become obsessive over achievements and success, a trait that has blurred the value of hardwork.

   Successful individuals are often labeled as talented, however, it is their hard work that brings them to such greatness.

   We want to believe that affluence, happiness, or whatever else we may desire most, comes easily.

   In reality, however, such a thing is not true.

    I realize now that the label “talented” may just be a way for onlookers to credit those successful, without acknowledging their hard work and perseverance.

   A persistence of hard work is necessary in order to reach the aspirations we dream of, and should, therefore, be more valued than the overall result. 

   I am sure I can speak for many students when I say that we are rarely praised for our effort and countless hours we put into our goals. 

   We should acknowledge the dedication and effort it takes to reach success, instead of solely glorifying our achievements.