Commentary: Always think before you speak

Educate yourself before participating in a political conversation with others

I think it’s safe to say we are currently living through a very tumultuous period of political history. 

The 2016 presidential election and the years leading up to it were covered by the media very well – almost every student at Granite Bay High School was aware of at least a few issues that were up for political debate.

In short, politics are exciting right now.  

It’s also safe to say the left and the right are extremely intolerant of one another. 

The two sides already tend to irritate one another. However, hate based on political disagreement has increased across many outlets over the past few years.

Irritation has been upscaled to hatred. 

Irritation has been upscaled to hatred. 

— Angelina Kolosey

In general, if you turn on the news or scroll through social media, some element of a hateful political argument can be found. 

Opinions do not need to be agreed upon, however unreliable media outlets have diminished the amount of  respect we have toward the political views of one another. 

A lack of education about the specific details of certain policies is also a factor that has led to these aggressive and concerning points of difference. 

Individuals are quick to latch onto a set goal mentioned by a political candidate and advocate for it no matter the details, just as long as that specific candidate is a representative of the political party the individual is part of. 

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, do not fully advocate for an idea a representative has until you have done more than just base your knowledge off of what they said.

Politicians themselves know how to relay their ideas in a way that will catch the attention of many, that’s simply the way politics are played out. 

It is up to the receivers of information to be analytical.

Research, a look into details and an open mind are solutions to today’s issue of the extreme intolerance individuals have to those in an opposing political party. 

Knowing more than what was said by a politician will form you into a more well-rounded citizen.

Being more understanding as to why others believe in a certain value or think a certain way does not only help the tolerance  of others’ views when it comes to politics, but it serves as an important life skill. 

It truly is beneficial to think before you speak, and to make sure your point comes across in a non-obnoxious manner when explaining your views. 

A civil conversation leads to more progress in society as compared to a one sided conversation. 

Politicians use strategies to motivate their supporters, the years following the 2016 election have made that evident. 

However, being able to overlook these strategies and focus on the specifics of policies and ideas as well as how they are relayed is my hope for the majority of individuals in our country.