Change in Tribe leaders’ tradition

Summer Holt: first female Tribe leader takes the flag


Aspen Kingsley

Senior Summer Holt hypes of the Tribe at the first football game of the year!

   Year after year, Granite Bay High’s Tribe leaders change like the seasons, but this year, something unforgettable happened. 

   Five Tribe Leaders were chosen to lead the school’s football games, rallies and spirit events but one stands out above all – Summer Holt assumes her role as the first female Tribe leader in GBHS history.

   “I always dreamed about the idea of being one of the leaders, however, I never got my hopes up because I knew that there had never been a girl before,” Holt said. “My freshman year, I stayed in the Tribe for a while after the game was over, and the Tribe Leader, Tyler Weaver, handed me the Tribe stick and said ‘Maybe one day, kid.’ ”

   Holt joins seniors Nick Richmond, Jacob Schulte, Addison Hempstead and Bradley Madsen as Tribe leaders.

   Holt found out she was going to be a Tribe leader last April, and although she had some reservations, she was ecstatic.

    “I decided that I wanted to be a Tribe leader the minute I was asked to be one,” Holt said. “I was absolutely thrilled, but also somewhat nervous to see how students would respond to the idea of a girl Tribe leader.”

   “However at the end of the day, I just couldn’t believe how awesome of an opportunity it was.”

   Richmond, who is a captain of the varsity football team, was involved in the process of choosing this year’s Tribe leaders. He along with Schulte, who is also on the varsity football team, began talking with  athletic director Tim Healy last year about the Tribe. Later, Healy asked them about candidates.

   To them, when it came to choosing candidates, Holt stood out.

   “We all knew she (would be the first female Tribe leader,) but it (didn’t) matter because either way, she has the most school spirit of anyone I’ve ever met,” Schulte said.

   Richmond agreed, saying Holt is hands-down the most spirited person on campus.

   “She always brings the energy and happiness, and she always lights up a room when she walks in,” Richmond said. “I do know that Summer is the only girl Tribe leader that GBHS has ever had, and I can’t think of anyone that would be better for the job.”

  Holt was honored to be held in such high esteem.

   “I am the type of person who puts full effort into something I love, and I truly do love GBHS, so I try to continue to make it a better place with every opportunity that I get,” Holt said.

   In addition to being a Tribe leader, Holt is a busy athlete. She plays for the San Juan Elite Clubs National League soccer team, and she is one of the captains for GBHS girls’ soccer team. 

   Holt also dedicates time to being one of the presidents of Top Soccer, an organization that plays soccer with disabled children.

   “(My other activities) will definitely be a lot to handle and balance with being a Tribe leader,” Holt said. 

   Despite the heavy load, she anticipates her ability to balance her activities will be heightened by her passion for them.

   Holt mentioned a bright vision for this year, a vision shared by all of the Tribe leaders.

   “We have the potential to do something special and fill the school with spirit,” Richmond said.

   Holt expanded on this idea of bringing spirit to GBHS and affecting school culture.

    “We want this Tribe to be the most positive, welcoming, and respectful Tribe the school has ever had, and I can’t wait to see that happen,” Holt said. “I am so thrilled for this year and all that the Tribe is going to add to our school culture. Roll Tribe!”