Cancer survivor steps up to help with St. Baldrick’s



Freshman Zeena Alzanoon speaks into her microphone while junior Will Ingram gets his head shaved.

  Imagine student after student volunteering to have their heads shaved in an effort to support those battling cancer.

During St. Baldrick’s, youth at GBHS did just that on Feb 21. Emcee of the event, freshman Zeena Alzanoon shared her experience with cancer.

Alzanoon is a member of the Gold Ribbon Cancer Society, a club at GBHS, which helps organize events to raise money and awareness for supporting people with cancer. She said one of her teachers, Jill Cova, thought she should be the host for the event because she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, early last August.

“(My teacher) thought it would be cool if I did it because I understood how the support helped and things that other people may not realize,” Alzanoon said.

Because of her health, she missed the first term of the 2018-2019 school year. Once Alzanoon returned to school in January, she joined the Gold Ribbon Cancer Society. She thought the club was perfect for her as she wanted to help other kids like her.

While emceeing the St. Baldrick’s event, Alzanoon presented a speech. She wanted to send out an important message to her audience.

“I wanted them to know that when they try to support kids, it really does help. Some people are like ‘if I donate blankets, does it actually matter? Do the kids actually care?’ And it really does,” Alzanoon said, “because […] when you’re at that time, just small things really can cheer you up.”

In regards to people shaving their heads for an event like St. Baldrick’s, Alzanoon said, “I was too shy when my hair was much shorter to go out, so I’d only wear wigs ‘cause everyone else has hair(…) I would get nervous to show that I didn’t. So when people shave their heads, that really help(s) too because then I see that I’m not alone and that other people support (me).”