Board meeting adjourned following statements from Proud Boys member


Gazette Staff

During his public comment, Perrine encouraged attendees to go to Tinnin’s residence. As attendees left the building Perrine thanked the superintendent and board president.

After a member of the Proud Boys, Jeffrey Perrine, attempted to rally the crowd to return with him to the Landing Spot founder’s home, the Mar. 23 Roseville Joint Union School District board meeting was adjourned mid-meeting. 

Pastor Casey Tinnin-Martinez is the founder of the Landing Spot, an LGBTQ youth organization that was scheduled to host a drag show fundraiser for their “Camp Fruit Loop” at Roseville High School before it received threats and was canceled by RJUHSD. 

“I appreciate you taking the time to let Casey Tinnin know he’s not safe on campus, he doesn’t belong on campus, he should be banned from campus. And I’m the guy that went to his house and I recommend that everybody joins me because I’ll be there tonight again,” Perrine said. 

This statement was followed by comments from the crowd and Board President Pete Constant asking people to sit down and refrain from speaking out of turn. 

Perrine held his phone on a tripod while speaking and turned to the crowd to ask if they were “triggered much.” 

“We are going to adjourn this meeting at this time,” Constant said. 

Board members then left their spots and Constant told them to leave and come back for their belongings later. 

Other meeting attendees also left at this time, some still speaking to Perrine and the board as they left. 

Perrine said earlier in his public statement: “The LGBT cult is taking over everything in this state, you understand?… It’s disgusting to see these pedophile groomers that have infiltrated our schools.”

This statement was what first garnered comments from the crowd. 

“Video evidence shows groomers and pedophiles are everywhere, folks,” Perrine said.

Perrine has identified in the past with the Proud Boys, a far-right organization that historically has promoted and engaged in violent political protests. 

“I’m a member of the Proud Boys. I’m not with the KKK, man,” Perrine said to the Sacramento Bee in January 2021.

In 2021, Perrine was expelled as a member of the California Republican Party Central Committee. 

The expulsion recommendation is in response to Mr. Perrine’s desire to maintain membership in an organization” according to a statement made by the Republican Party of Sacramento County.

Following the board meeting, Perrine live-streamed himself on YouTube speaking into a microphone outside of Tinnin’s house in a stream titled “Pastor groomers house day 2.”

In the livestream at approximately 9:50 p.m., law enforcement appeared to remove Perrine from the scene.