Album Review: Walls

A long awaited album drop has now resonated with fans nation-wide as Louis Tomlinson is regaining his stance in the music industry, alone. 

Louis Tomlinson is a new solo singer who came from the popular boy band called One Direction. With his second album Faith in the Future on the way, it’s fun to reminisce about his beginnings. His debut album Walls explores his voice as a solo artist and finding his tone. Many people favor his first album because of the hidden messages up for interpretation. 

Many of the songs on the album Walls have become a sort of anthem for the LGBTQ+ community. One song in particular especially. “Only the Brave” is the last song featured on the album and is near and dear in my heart. The pre-chorus, “It’s a church of burnt romances, And I’m too far gone to pray, It’s a solo song and it’s only for the brave”, has influenced many people to interpret the lyrics as a message of coming out and being brave to stay true to yourself. 

“Only the Brave” is somewhat shorter than what you would expect in a pop-artist, only lasting one minute and 45 seconds long. But, for that short amount of time Tomlinson makes a lengthy discussion. 

When Tomlinson sings the first verse, “I’m breakin’ my own rules, I’m cryin’ like a fool,” it brings up his past, facing hard-ships in life. Losing his sister and mom during the peak of his career wasn’t easy, but with the support he had, he pushed through.

Another song in the album called “Habit” has also been adopted by many of Tomlinson’s queer fans, including myself. In his second verse he sings, “And it’s been ages, different stages, Come so far from Princess Park, I’ll always need ya, In front of me, in front of me,” his singing is slow and powerful. Many people relate to the feeling of being hooked on someone, and online this song was shared around as the epitome of your first love. 

Tomlinson has never disappointed me in his music and smooth voice. I am always excited to hear a new song or album, and Walls has a special place in my heart considering the impactful messages it has left behind.