A Day at the Racetrack

The All American Speedway in Downtown Roseville provides opportunities to observe and participate in races.


Cole Reynolds

Professional race car driver Logan Palmer speeds around the race track at All American Speedway.

Most students at Granite Bay High School keep their weekends busy by hanging out with friends, shopping or playing sports. If students are looking to shake up their typical weekend plan, however, the All American Speedway in Downtown Roseville is a considerable option.

Most students are unaware that there is a racetrack less than 15 minutes away from GBHS. Regardless, the track is still quite popular as races can fill stands with over 3,000 people. Not only can people observe races, but there are also concessions with food, drinks and All American Speedway merchandise. 

However, due to the pandemic, business has been a little slow at the All American Speedway.

Kim Brown, one of the business’s workers, said, “Usually we have our grandstands filled to the max for our races, but due to the pandemic, we have had to completely stop the sale of tickets and not allow any fans into our track. Once it is safe, however, we will be opened back up to the public and we can fill up those stands again and people can come and have fun.”

Once the pandemic is over and life returns to normalcy, watching a race at the All American Speedway could be a fun activity.

“I have liked cars since I was young and have been to the track in Roseville,” GBHS sophomore Tobey Jennings said. “It’s super cool and I hope to race cars one day.”

I have liked cars since I was young and have been to the track in Roseville. It’s super cool and I hope to race cars one day.

— Tobey Jennings

For students like Jennings who are interested in racing, learning from Logan Palmer, an experienced race car driver from Roseville who understands the steps it takes to reach his level, could be beneficial.

“If students at Granite Bay are interested in racing, they should first go watch a race,” Palmer said. “After they watch a race. They should get a pit pass. The pit pass will allow you to see the behind-the-scenes of racing. 

At that point, if you like everything you see. You can start looking for a car to purchase. After you purchase a car you’ll need a team of mechanics and engineers to help you be competitive. It’s important to note that each race at Roseville can cost as much as $30,000. Until you reach a professional level. You’ll be paying for each race, which includes tires, brakes, entry fees, body panels if they break, wear and tear on the car, as well as paying your team. It is very expensive, but there may be a point where you begin to make it profitable. It’s unlikely but possible.”

Age is not a problem for those who wish to start racing at Roseville. Children start as young as five years old, and many who race in the larger and faster nascars are 15 to 16. 

Next time a student ever wants to get behind the wheel of a racecar, the All American Speedway in Roseville is a welcoming place to try.