Teens struggle under massive gas prices

As gas remain higher than usual, GBHS student continue to struggle with the prices.


photo by Andrew Goozen

In Aug. 2021, gas was $4.32 per gallon. As of late Aug. 2022, gas prices are approximately $5.33.

Even though gas prices have come down from record highs, teens are still struggling to fill up their tanks.

Since August of 2021, gas prices have skyrocketed. Last year, gas was $4.32 per gallon. As of Aug 31, 2022 gas prices have climbed $1.01. The numerous price hikes have hurt many across the nation including students at GBHS.

“It costs about $85 to fill up my gas tank but I rely on other people to take me places,” junior Natalie McGuckin said.

Since it is more expensive, students are turning to new ways to save money, one of them being carpooling.

“I have a weekly allowance that my parents give me,” junior Jimmy Radler said.

Some students however haven’t had problems with gas prices. Students with hybrid cars do not have to fill up as often and it does not cost as much.

Radler, who drives a Prius said, “It’s interesting because I drive a Prius so it takes awhile for my tank to get low.”

Students who drive hybrids have not experienced the effects as much. Since the ukk cars are fuel efficient and get good gas mileage, they may not need to fill up every week.

There is also diesel. Diesel has continuously risen and fallen at a faster rate. Since September on 2021 diesel prices have risen $1.71. This rise had a strong effect on sophomore Hunter Hovde.

“Every 10 days I fill up and it usually cost $180 to $200,” Hovde said.

As a high school student, that is a lot especially when we are in a time when it is hard to get jobs and make money. Hovde, who does have a job, still says its hard to cover those types of costs once a week.

As gas remain higher than usual, GBHS student continue to struggle with the prices.