Pressure can be felt by all grades of students



Jordan Gotham, Sophomore, says that her sophomore year is transitioning her to more difficult classes.

  Time changes people’s perspectives – especially in the time span of four years.

  Throughout high school, students face different stress and amounts of pressure as they transition to different grades.  

  There is a big difference between the issues students face as an underclassmen compared to an upperclassmen.

  “I think the things I am stressed out about have shifted from just high school and winter ball askings (in my freshman and sophomore years) to college applications and what I am going to do with my life (as an upperclassmen),” said senior Taylor Harris.

  Harris says her stress has shifted from meeting requirements to now learning about topics she is interested in.

  “The hardest things when I was an underclassman was meeting all of the GOP requirements like science and art classes,” Harris said, “My senior year, it has more so shifted to the classes I want to take rather than being GOP dominated.”

  Besides school and college, upperclassmen also say athletics are worrisome for them.

  “Water polo is the most stressful thing for me during school,” said senior Jordan Galbaugh. “It is very time consuming and takes away from the time I use to do homework.”

  While upperclassmen are worried about difficult classes, college, and sports, underclassmen have a few different stressors.

I had a hard time getting used to the flow of high school,

— Cian Teague

  “I had a hard time getting used to the flow of high school and all the different ages of students on campus,” said freshman Cian Teague.

  The change from middle to high school is a pretty big jump for most students.

  “It was stressful finding all my classes on the first day,” Teague said.

  Underclassmen also have the newly added pressure from the parents to excel in school.  

  “Nothing is really too stressful for me about high school, but the main thing is my parents wanting me to do well in school,” said freshman Hayden Anders.

  Anders said he also had a difficult time finding his was around campus his first few days of high school.

 On the other hand, some sophomores are beginning to take more challenging classes.

  “I have my first AP class, AP Human Geography this year and it is a big change from  my previous classes,” said sophomore Jordan Gotham.

  Gotham is also facing some athletic pressure outside of school as well.

  “I am also stressed out about the recruiting process for college soccer because sophomore year is the biggest year and the time when most athletes commit,” Gotham said.   

   Although some stressors are shared between under and upperclassmen, they become more drastic over time.

  “They have changed from insignificant things to more big picture ideas,” Harris said.