One birthday every four years?


The unique occurrence of an extra day happens every four years in February, making the year contain 366 days instead of the normal 365.

  Since Leap Year only adds an extra day every four years, what would being born on a leap-day mean?

  Chase Mannsfeld, a sophomore at Granite Bay, was just hours away from being born on February 29th, the Leap Year day.

  Lucky for him, he was born on March 1st.

  “If I were born on a Leap Year day I probably wouldn’t feel very different, but it would be cool to be able to say, every four years, that I was born on a Leap Year,” Mannsfeld said.

  He thinks that it would’ve been cool to be able to celebrate his birthday on either February 28th or March 1st.

  “My birthday celebration would change between February 28th and March 1st, depending on which day came on a weekend,” Mannsfeld said.

  His mother, Beth McManus feels that her son wouldn’t have liked being born on a leap year.

  “I wouldn’t have minded either way.” McManus stated, “ but (Chase) may not have liked it in the long run.”

  Mannsfeld said that he would’ve been fine with being born on a leap day, but also made a point that he was happy being born on March 1st.

  “Not very many people are born on a leap year, and it only happens every four years, so that is the cool part.”

  Knowing that a Leap Year provides an extra day in the year in which some people recognize and some may not, Mannsfeld would do one of his favorite activities on that extra day.

  “With the extra day I would probably snowboard.” Mannsfeld said.


 Mannsfeld’s sister, a GBHS junior, Autumn Mannsfeld, said she does not consider the extra day to be valuable.

  “I don’t really think of leap year as having an extra day,” Mannsfeld said. “Everyone will still do their normal routines and not really acknowledge that it’s leap day.”

  Even though she may not take into account the importance of the extra day or see it having as much use as her brother does, Mannsfeld does realize that her brother was close to being born on a leap day.

  “I think he and anyone would feel special because not many people are born on a leap day.” Mannsfeld said.

  She said that people probably change their birthdays for the convenience and to be able to celebrate it on a real date every year rather than every four years.

  “If I was born on a leap day I wouldn’t legally change my birthday,” Mannsfeld said. “I would celebrate it around what would be February 29th every year.”    


Many people are like her and wouldn’t want to change their birthdates because  it is important to them.

  Mannsfeld is aware that many people are probably born on a leap day, and is somewhat happy that her brother, Chase, wasn’t.

  In reality, being born on a leap day just means your birthday comes every four years, but that does not necessarily restrict them from having a birthday.

  Whether the extra day means something of great significance or not, leap year does happen, and it happens to be this year.