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Engaging in your school


Walking through Granite Bay High School’s main gates as a freshman, I thought everything would fall into place.  I had the unrealistic image of the cliques being easily distinguishable and easy to navigate through.

 I couldn’t have been more wrong. Over the past three and a half years, I’ve continued to traverse through different friend groups. Yes, like many people, I have my core group considered to be my best friends, and I’m so thankful to have had their support since grade school.

 But what has made my time here at Granite Bay so memorable are the moments I reached outside of my comfort zone and tried something new.

 The extracurricular activities GBHS has to offer are not just electives, or sports, or clubs.  They’re opportunities to discover yourself and your passion.

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 I’m not saying you’re going to leave high school and know exactly what your place in the world is, but while you’re here, you might as well try something that interests you.

 My biggest regret as a senior, is not having the courage  to join The Granite Bay Gazette earlier than I did. As an underclassman, I was terrified to try something new and just wanted to get through high school, earn good grades, and move on.

 High school has too many opportunities to go through it with that mentality.

 As this semester draws to a close, I really want students to think about their classes and plans for the spring and beyond.

 Are you taking a class or joining a club or team that you’ll really enjoy? Or are you just going through the motions?

 You have four years on this campus, whether you like it or not. If you aren’t making the most of your 720 days as a Grizzly, think about changing your mindset.

 When I finally joined the school newspaper staff in the spring of my junior year, I felt like I finally had a purpose in the school, and had found my niche.

 It wasn’t a class made up of my typical friends, but that’s what made it so special.  We all valued writing, expressing our thoughts and engaging in our school and community. Commonalities like these make for instant bonding opportunities. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with my journo fam and make memories I know I will cherish far beyond my high school career.

 My advice to you is to reach out. Force yourself to step outside your personal bubble and follow your passion.  

 If you’re a student who is into art, take art. If you’re into music, look into band or choir. If you’re interested in robotics, join the robotics club. If you want to give baseball or softball a try, do it.

 Don’t let the fear of being judged or making a mistake hold you back from doing what you want. You don’t have the time to fulfill other people’s plans for you.

 Trust me when I say four years go by fast.  

 I understand high school is stressful with Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, family and personal expectations, and balancing your schedule outside of the green gates.

 But finding your place on campus will enhance your high school experience and allow you to look back on more memories once it’s over.

 As I finish my last couple weeks here at GBHS before heading to the southeast for college, I can’t help but reminisce on the happiness my friends in high school have brought to my life.

 The thing is, many of the friends I’ve made would not be so special to me if I hadn’t given myself the chance to engage in the school surrounding me.

 With that said, take the risk. Give yourself the chance to walk in the light and discover more about yourself. It’s worth it.  Don’t let high school get away from you, even though many of us may want to get away from it.

 Why wait around until you stumble upon an activity that fits you? Take initiative and establish your own path.

 It’s a time in your life that you will never get back, so for your own good, enjoy it.

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Engaging in your school