Wonder Woman 1984

Unsatisfying, scattered, and falling short were a few words that came to mind when watching Wonder Woman 1984.  It starts out as Diana as a very young girl competing against Amazonians in their 1000s(yes as in age) to be worthy of the golden armor on the island of her people.  She is stopped from cheating to win.  Then the film abruptly fast forwards to 1984 in a mall where there are robbers trying to rob a jewelry store.

Just in the very beginning of the movie it already is very scattered because we are first in a flashback, and then we move right into the future, and then there are robbers, and then there is a fight scene.  

It should’ve explored her early life as a child and what it was like, because it gives information of what her life was like and it makes the movie more interesting but instead, the film misleads its viewers in its exposition with it’s ridiculous jump to Wonder Woman fighting.

Soon after we see Diana/Wonder Woman at her job as a researcher of ancient Smithsonian artifacts.  Once she gets to her office here is a new shipment of artifacts where she finds an ancient crystal that when you wish for something it comes true.  After a man walks in who is an “accomplished” businessman when in reality he is a failure.  He searches for the crystal when he finds it and finds out when you wish for something it comes true.

In the next scene we start to get the person who is going to be the main villain going against Wonder Woman.  His main goal is to use the crystal for his own problems and it turns into something worse.  Once this scene happens I think that the movie should’ve just started out with the flashback of Wonder Woman as a child and then should’ve gone to this scene because it makes it more smooth.

This first part just proves how scattered it is because of how many different things are going on and how fast everything is moving.

Once he acquires the crystal he gets people working for him, he then goes to the middle east for all of the oil there since he owns an oil related business.  

This is also another part of the movie where it gets unclear about why he is doing this and what’s going on.  Because he has the power of the crystal where he can basically manipulate people to do what he wants.  But instead he is trying to get oil when he could be an all powerful person.

Once after Maxwell Lord gets away from Wonder Woman he goes back to his office where he finds his son who he is trying to prove he is a winner, by having the crystal but it is just a mirage.

There are a lot of conflicts in this movie because Wonder Woman is trying to stop Maxwell and then Maxwell is trying to prove he is a Winner and then he is also trying use the power of the crystal to its full extent.

Once Maxwell forms a plan to use the crystal in full effect, he goes to a government TV broadcasting building where he can speak to the whole world telling people to wish for something.  Once people wish for what they want the whole world is in chaos because of everything people are wishing for.

And yet again another part where it is very wishy washy because it pretty much just went right to a whole new part of the movie.

Now that all of these wishes are happening, someone wishes for all of the bombs in the world and they use them on the US.

So now there are nuclear bombs heading towards the US, again I ask what is going on.

The only way now to stop the wishes are to take them back, so once Wonder Woman figures it out she goes to the broadcasting place to tell the world but she is stopped by her friend who works at the research building where she wished to be just like Wonder Woman, so she got her power.

Once she gets past her friend she finds Maxwell who has turned into a very powerful person with the power of the crystal, she struggles to defeat him but she does and tells everybody to take back their wish.  And once everything is back to normal that’s where the movie ends.

 After the movie it just felt unsatisfying and falling short because it’s a Wonder Woman movie so you would expect a pretty good movie.

 When I was reviewing this movie the first things I said and thought were scattered, fell short, and unsatisfying, and this movie fit perfectly right into those words.  The whole movie made me feel like it was made in 1984 because of how bad it was.  I would give this movie a 4/10 and the reason why is because although the main goal was to take down Maxwell, there was so much other stuff going on that took you away from thinking that.  Another reason why I gave a low score is because since we waited so long for the movie to come out, everyone had really high expectations and I did too, but it was a let down overall.