Winter sport injuries affect student lives

Athletes are put on the sideline due to injuries from winter recreational activities

Over this winter season, students are seeing an increase in snow sport injuries. 

More and more experienced students snowboarders and skiers are attempting riskier tactics in the snow in an effort to “test their limits.” As a result, they suffer more severe injuries which affects other sports these students are involved in. 

Many students who participate in other sports are having to miss out on playing time due to their injuries.

“I broke my wrist… and had to sit out for preseason for (lacrosse),” junior Jake Finsthwait said. Preseason is a valuable time for athletes to condition their athletic form and prepare for the upcoming season. Without it, players’ performance can suffer.

Along with lacrosse player Finsthwait, Sophomores Nate Golding and Colby Gravlin have been recently injured during their adventures in the snow.

Even with six years of experience snowboarding, Golding was a victim to the slopes. “I injured my tailbone by going off a jump then landing on it,” Golding said. “It hurt really bad.”

Unfortunately for Gravlin, his time on the slopes also proved painful after he “sprained his wrist from slipping off a rail.” Luckily enough, his wrist healed in time for this lacrosse season.

Senior Tyler Hopper has also faced a major injury due to snowboarding and has broken and bruised his ribs after falling off rails and landing on his head. Students being unable to participate as usual in their sports due to injuries off the field has always been common, however the recent uptick in injuries from snow sports is undeniable. 

Students are failing to consider the dangerous aspects of these exhilarating sports, and in return are facing the consequences.