Will “Eternals” be eternally hated?

Fans share their thoughts on the movie’s negative reviews.

One of the variations of the Eternals movie poster.


One of the variations of the Eternals movie poster.

Freshman and Marvel enthusiast Zoe Bartlome walks into the theater, not looking forward to seeing the new Marvel movie, Eternals. Will the negative reviews be true or are they neglible?

Bartlome sits with her popcorn feeling as if she’s going to fall asleep as the movie starts.

But when the movie is over, Bartlome feels torn. She loved that movie so why is it so hated? 

Eternals features a new collection of MCU superheroes, dubbed the Eternals. Already the movie has received many negative reviews from critics and fans, receiving a 47 percent critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, one of Marvel’s lowest ratings. Critics dubbed the movie long and boring while others raved about the character develop and strong visual effects.

“I loved the movie, I’d give it a solid 9/10 for the amazing plot and non predictable twists,” said Bartlome. 

The movie is not like others Marvel has produced in the past, with a focus on diversity and representation for minority groups and the LGBTQ+ community. The movie includes the first deaf character of the MCU in its main lineup, superheroe Makkari. Most of the cast of the movie learned some sign language to talk to her, even in the movie the characters use sign language for her. 

“It’s amazing how the MCU included her, she’s such a powerful character,” said Emma Hammack, a TikTok and Instagram influencer and Marvel fanatic. 

One of the superheroes, Phastos, openly has a queer relationship and a child with his husband.

Some critics took fault to the inclusion of a queer relationship while other countries, such as Russia, rated the movie “R” because of the homosexual couple. Other critics took fault to the PG-13 sex scene, a change of pace from what fans and critics expect from Marvel. 

Some fans feel people are too quick to criticize the unexpected rather than appreciating its novelty.

Cameron Silas, a cosplayer and influencer, has over 300,000 followers on TikTok. Silas was invited by Disney to watch Eternals before the movie actually came out. 

“Critics might give a bad review because this movie is not a typical Marvel movie, you need to pay attention,” said Cameron Silas. 

And while others found the movie bland, Silas enjoyed the plot twists and action and the character development given to the villain and female lead.

“It’s very entertaining,” said Silas, “but a lot to digest at once.” 

For Bartlome and Hammack, the inclusion of all the characters was a strength.

“I’ve gained so many new favorite characters because of this film, I love them all,” said Bartlome. 

And Hammack recommends to movie to “anyone who loves superheroes.”