WandaVision will put a spell on you


From the shadows of Marvel Studios movies box office triumph Avengers: Endgame, came Marvel’s newest add on to the Marvel Cinematic Universe WandaVision. A tv show made for family and the idea of loss. Warning this review will have spoilers. 

The series, although short with only a total of nine episodes, has a lot to unpack and has built up a lot for the next couple Marvel Movies and has left fans with tears and a lot of cliffhangers. 

The show is based on Marvels odd power couple Wanda Maximoff and The Vision and how they try to blend into the town of Westview. At least that’s what it looks like from the outside. 

When the show first released in January, the show premiered with two episodes. And the episodes were interesting to say the least. The first two episodes  were not well received and were said to be confusing. Personally I kept an open mind as these were the first two episodes and found them enjoyable and I was ready for anything that was thrown at me. 

As the next seven episodes released, which was seven weeks of being left on the edge of my seat,  the show grew and it was easy to see that this show wasn’t going to just be a filler TV show in between juggernaut style movies. 

The viewers and myself were well treated with a story that just kept on giving. It not only went more into the origin story of Wanda and her obsession with tv shows and why her fake reality is based off of classic tv. But the show went into the stages of grief that Wanda goes through after Vision died in Infinity War. Did I mention there were going to be spoilers? 

The showrunners also deserve a round of applause for what they did with characters, keeping secrets and the actors teasing at bigger names in the show. For instance, by episode five viewers were introduced to Even Peters as Pietro Maximoff for the first time in the MCU. 

Following the reveal of Peters as Pietro, fanboys and theorists immediately took to the internet. Why? Well it’s complicated. 

As of March 2019, Fox has been owned by Disney. Fox is the home of the X-Men films, in which Evan Peters plays the same character. And with Peters portraying his well recognized character in the MCU fanboys were led to believe that Wanda somehow caused the crossing of the Fox universe and the MCU.  Unfortunately for the fanboys, the producers had a different plan for Peters, as at the end of the show we see that he is just another civilian that is under Wanda’s spell…well maybe not Wanda’s exactly. 

Throughout the show Wanda has the typical tv sitcom neighbor that is always around the corner with a solution for a situation. And in WandaVision, the neighbor is casted as Agnes. A character that seemingly is just another civilian that is stuck under Wanda’s spell. 

But in episode seven, a lot is revealed about who Agnes is. Viewers learn that Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness, a witch that lived in the time of the Witch burning days. 

With the big reveal viewers get a catchy little song that shares how Agatha was pulling all the strings behind all the bad things that happened in Wanda’s reality, even the rebirth and refaced casting of Pietro.

But to take a break about Wanda and her mess of a reality. The marvel universe is really good at creating lovable trios of characters and in WandaVision, they didn’t miss a beat. They took three side characters from previous Marvel films and actually gave them characters and fun lines. We are treated to Monica Rambeu from Captain Marvel, Jimmy  Woo from Ant-Man and the Wasp and Darcey Lewis from the Thor movie series. These characters try to stop the secondary villain of the show from capturing the Vision, as it is believed that Wanda stole his corpse, and for some reason this villain has rebuilt a non emotional version of the Vision, a character known as White Vision. 

And back to the mess that is Wanda’s reality. To recap; Wanda is believed to have stolen the Visions corpse, taken it to New Jersey and started a whole reality out of a run down town. From there her and her allegedly stolen husband have two kids, a sassy neighbor who turns out to be an evil witch, and evil take on Wanda’s dead brother. Oh, and there’s a Frankenstein creation of Wanda’s suburban Android husband. 

The show itself ends amazingly, however due to all the theories that were on the internet the series finale might have fallen short for some. The show ends with Wanda and Agatha dueling it out with their magic abilities.  And while the epic battle is taking place, across town in a library Vision and White Vision are talking about an old boat and how if you replace all boards on the boat is it still that boat. They have a cool moment of memory sharing and then White Vision blasts off into the sky and out of the show for the remaining 15 minutes. 

At the end, when good conquers evil and Wanda has a reality check, she decides to close off the force field that is her Hex. At the end we find out that Vision and their twins are just a creation of Wanda’s reality and will end up disappearing along with Vision and the reality that was created. Leaving viewers hurt to watch three characters awesome characters disappear. 

The show itself has a diverse story, one of a person trying to cope with loss and how losing someone can shatter your reality. Marvel Studios WandaVision shows fictional superhero characters and gives them a story that is not so fiction. The show is addictive and very entertaining and like myself, anyone who watches this show can’t possibly wait to see what happens next to Wanda, Marvels own Scarlet Witch. This show deserves love and appreciation along with a 4/5.