The football team’s strengths and shortcomings going into playoffs

Andrew Goozen analyzes the Grizzlies’ strengths and weaknesses.

After a strong 5-0 start, Granite Bay High School hits a four-game skid losing to Del Oro High School, Oak Ridge High School, Rocklin High School and Whitney High School.

At the start of the fall 2022 football season, the Grizzlies ran the ball very effectively and executed plays well on defense. Running backs Carter Jackson and Isaiah Ene were lighting up defense and breaking off big runs through the first five games due to a strong offensive line creating holes for them.

In fact, Jackson led the team with a total of 21 touchdowns. 

After the start of league play, however, GBHS has struggled to run the ball and get their offense going. The team has been outscored 59-40. The offensive line has not been the same and not created the holes needed for Jackson and Ene to break off big runs.

GBHS’s passing game has also been very inconsistent. The Grizzlies struggled to catch the ball in the games against DOHS and ORHS. The dominant offense that was apparent early in the season slowly crept away.

The Grizzlies’ defense has been what has kept them in ball games as of lately. On average, they are only giving up 18.33 points per game. The defensive line has been strong getting to the quarterback and creating plays for loss. Linebacker Frank Cusano is leading the team with 6.5 tackles a game, which is among the best in the league. 

They have made stops on defense in key situations when needed most, which was seen at the game against ORHS. The Trojans were driving, and they made it down all the way to the two-yard line. The defense stepped up and made a stop. Carson Perry-Smith made a huge play blocking a field goal keeping the game at a one score game.

Overall, due to the team’s strong merits, the Grizzlies have not had a bad season by any means and are still a serious threat going into the playoffs. As long as they keep up playing good defense and holding teams  and score a few more points on offense, they will be in good shape.