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Super Snail: A Delightfully Fun Escargot Extravaganza

Beginning loading screen of Super Snail

Sliding in from Chinese game developing company QingCi, “Super Snail” has earned a 4.7/5 on the App Store and I can see why.

“Super Snail” is an idle RPG following the story of a snail in a post-apocalyptic world. This snail travels back in time at the request of a god to stop the world from being destroyed by evil.

When you first open the game you’re met with a beautifully detailed loading screen with animated characters riding a souped-up Jeep. The art style features soft tones with lots of lines to portray the wear from time. Its cartoonish nature plays off of the silly concept of a snail saving the world. I enjoy how the style gave the game a rusty, old feel, adding to the apocalyptic storyline.

You are met with a helpful tutorial that takes you through all the parts of the game. The main focus is to get your character from one side of the fictional “Koryeo” to the other while battling enemies. There are a lot of references to current social media interests and “memes”, which entice me to look closely for more.

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No idle is complete without side quests. There are plenty of things for you to do while you wait, such as collecting relics, repairing your ship and playing minigames. I particularly like Civilization Boom, a minigame where you match buildings of the same color without running out of space, similar to 2048, which is also featured.

There are many ways to build your “Super Snail”. The relics are useful in upgrading your snail, as well as organs, fungi and cells. Once you reach a certain level you can earn and upgrade different forms.

This is such an addictive idle, it’s practically burned into my phone screen. “Super Snail’s” storyline, balanced by its timeliness, brings me back and back again. However, no game is without its faults.

Due to the complicated art styles and game aspects, it takes a while to get used to. At first, it was difficult for me to find everything. Certain features take multiple steps to reach, which can slow the player down or confuse them. However, as I played, I came to like the complicated style, as it almost felt like using future technology.

Since “Super Snail” was created by QingCi and published by Qcplay, both located in China, the translation is a bit rough. However it is completely legible with a few odd words here and there.

I recommend this game to any dystopian lovers, but overall I believe anyone would enjoy this app. “Super Snail” has earned a solid 9.5/10 on my part. You won’t tear me away from this game anytime soon!

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Sienna Rodriguez, Assistant Editor
Sienna is a junior and Assistant Entertainment Editor. This is her third year on the Gazette staff.

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